Sunday, July 30, 2006

Stupid man

As I think I've said before, I *loved* Superman Returns. I saw it again last week with Sweatband, and even she loved it. Although in hindsight I think she loved Superman 'Brandon Routh' rather more than she loved Superman 'the film.'

Anyway, there I was today, sitting at my computer flicking through the Marks and Spencer autumn/winter 2006 catalogue that I'd picked up in Kingston today when actually I should've been writing an article about the Delphic Expanse (it's a region of space in Star Trek: Enterprise, if you really needed to know), and what do I see? I'll tell you what I saw - it was the Superman duvet I had as a kid!

Damn the M&S website for not listing it yet, so you'll have to make do with this crappy pic taken of the catalogue.

I did take one where I was pointing a finger at it, but that just looked like someone was dangling a big pee-pee into the room which, quite frankly, looked a bit strange. Anyway, as you can see, the duvet has a big picture of Superman on it, flying with one arm held out in front of him.

As things like this are wont to do, the image sent me into some sort of nostalgia spiral and flashes from the past hit me like they do to someone who has amnesia in a movie when they start to have flashbacks of the life they've forgotten. Unlike in the movies, I did not recall my forgotten life as a government trained ninja assassin. But it was almost as good - I can remember being very young and laying over Superman in the same position as he appeared on the duvet with the vague hope that my Mum would walk into my room and say "ooo, where's Tim? The only thing I can see is Superman on the duvet."

Unfortunately, my Mum is not a woman to be easily fooled, and what she'd usually say is "Dave, I think our youngest son is a bit special."

So anyway, flashing back to the present, what I really want to know is this: why aren't Marks and Spencer selling a Superman duvet for a double bed?

It's discrimination, I tells ya!


Imogen said...

But positive discrimination, trust me. Last year I lived in a flat with four girls, and spilt ink (honestly) meant I ended up having to borrow a spare duvet cover from one of them- and it had Pokahontas on it.

Surprisingly, in pulling terms, pictures on bedsheets are bad.

::Toby:: posting for Imogen in absentia x x

Tim said...

Pictures on bedsheets are bad?!

Ha! You'll be telling me I should retire my Spider-Man jim-jams next!

Why can I hear laughing...?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Is it the evil, cackling laugh of The Green Goblin? If it is, you'd better keep those jim-jams on and go sort him out!

Tim said...

I bet it is. I've just about had enough of that fruit cake lobbing pumpkins at me!

Nikki said...

HA! That was great.

My brother used to be a huge Superman fan and he would fly around all day pretending that I was Lex Luther and kick my butt.

I HATE super man

Tim said...

Noooooo... How can you HATE Superman!?

Although if you genuinely HATE Superman, I can understand why your brother cast you as Lex Luthor. He HATES Superman too. That said, it's still a tad harsh - I don't remember Supes ever actually kicking Lex's butt, mainly because he'd tear Lex in half.

You should've wheeled out the kryptonite, and by 'kryptonite' I mean 'gut punch.' That would've solved your brotherly problem.