Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cooking with Sparky Malarkey: Mash, bang, wallop

Dear J. Sainsburys,

I am writing to inform you of how much I enjoy shopping in your stores – the quality of food and the range of produce available is almost beyond the realm of human imagination.

However, I must admit a degree of surprise upon purchasing, and subsequently microwaving, a tub of your ‘Taste the Difference’ Taw Valley Cheddar Mash. Having followed the instructions on the packaging (pierce film lid and place on a non-metallic dish), I was, as I’m sure you’ll understand, somewhat shocked to hear a deafening bang emanating from the confines of my microwave. Further investigation revealed that the mash had exploded through the aforementioned piercings in the film lid, and was oozing around the tub like a poorly executed special effect from the popular 1980s movie Ghostbusters.

Is this what’s supposed to happen?

Yours Sincerely,


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