Friday, July 28, 2006

Kids today - tsk!

I've just been watching Supernanny. Well, actually it was Supernanny US, where the victi- I mean parents are really nice, contrasting with the UK version where the clearly down-trodden parents usually say things like "little Billy ain't gonna f-beeeep-ing listen to that, you silly cow," while the mum can clearly be seen to think that yes, maybe 250 quid down the clinic might've been money well spent around the three month mark...

Fortunately, while the parents were all smiles, bouffant hair, shoulder pads, and chiselled features, the kids were still little shits who swore like troopers. Hurrah!

Anyway, one of Supernanny's best ideas for the UK version was the naughty step. If your kid misbehaves, drag 'em to the foot of the stairs and make 'em bloody well sit there, all snot and tears until they stop hyperventilating and either a) pass out; b) apologise; c) raze the house to the ground - in which case I expect Supernanny would get uber-biblical and make them sweep the ashes into bin bags.

I was fascinated to note, however, that for Supernanny US, Supernanny has replaced the stairs with a chill out beanbag. Now it's quite possible that the oppulant staircase of the mansion this particular family lived in doesn't have quite the same effect as a council house in Leeds - but beanbags?!

Kids have never had it so good! Geez! If I thought I could go and chill out on a bear-sized beanbag just for flinging some poo at my brother I'd damn well do it.

I've been looking for an excuse to put me feet up.


skillz said...

There's a fantastic episode of Drawn Together that features Supernanny. She goes around subduing every superhero by making them sit on the naughty step, leaving her free to take over the world.

Made me laugh!

Tim said...

Is it wrong to be slightly attracted to Supernanny?

I'll sit on her naughty step anyday - even better if it's a beanbag!