Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot hot heat redux

Would you look at that! Thirty four degrees wotsitname! (No, not 340 - there's a decimal point in there somewhere)

And - and! On the drive home my car's, erm, hotometer bounced up to 35.5; I swear I saw an old lady spontaneously combust. There was a flash, a bang, and then a slight whiff of sprouts.

So yes, the heatwave is officially back on - my wifebeaters are back in action and my legs are on show to whoever wants a look - and even those who don't. Especially those who don't - I chase them down the road. It's all good. Well, actually that's a lie. Because being typical Brits, most people are moaning about it. I tell you, if it's not about 16.5 degrees, grey, overcast, and with the slightest hint of rain, everyone's bitching.

The forecasts are saying that by wednesday it's going to be even hotter! Hooray! Of course, that leads to all the panic talk - lock up your pets, small children, and old folk because they're not used to the hot weather. Yes, lock them up in a sealed room. There's some good advice. Probably pop the central heating on too.

So, yes, Wednesday. Hot as hell. If it weren't for the fact I'm so damned busy at work I'd be seriously tempted to take a duvet day and top up my tan.

Of course, it'll probably be pissing it down at the weekend.

*****KITTEN UPDATE!*****

So, rumour has it that Smudge - yes Smudge … is a girl!

Someone's been checking Smudge's bits, and has discovered he's got an 'inney' rather than an 'outey.' Hence he is a she.

Although I reckon it was because someone caught her walking round in Mum's stilletos while playing dress-up.

Kids these days…


Miss T said...

In true Australian "that's not a knife"style I wish I could say 35 degrees isn't hot. But it is. Even we piss and moan about it.

But WE have humidity as well. So there.

Oh, and get the kitten already!

Tim said...

But we're British! We're not used to anything where we have to loosen our ties and replace our bowler hats with a knotted handkerchief!

Come Wednesday's heatwave peak I'll be pissing steam!

I must write a sternly-worded letter to the BBC weather department!