Sunday, July 16, 2006

God damn! It's a f**king tent!

Yaz and I went to the Ealing Comedy Festival tonight. It was in a big tent, in the middle of a park (hence the post title, which was something that Rich Hall said). It was funny.

We went primarily to see Alan Carr, who is not just funny, he is very funny. In fact, we saw him as we were walking into the festival grounds.

"Ha!" I said to Yaz 10 minutes later. "I should've got a photo of him for the blog!"

"Yeah," said Yaz, followed by: "Oh, there he is."

Now, I happen to have developed a funny habit of repeating the last thing that Yaz has said. So rather loudly I said: "OH! THERE HE IS!"

Without actually realising that Alan was walking past me at the time.

Alan stopped, turned, and smiled at me. And bless 'im, he came over for a chat. Which was rather brave of him, because quite frankly even I thought I sounded like a complete nutter.


Dora and Tina said...

A freakin' tent....and tents sometimes have carnival folk inside and sometimes they wear eye patches.

See how everything you do and everywhere you go there is six degrees of seperation between you and your pirate image?

Just thought I'd point that out.


Tim said...

I think there's less than six degrees!

But I'm over my pirate phase now, and into my superhero one. In fact, I've only just put down the towel I was holding round my neck while running up and down the street.

I hurt my knee when I leapt off a small wall.