Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sparky Malarkey motors!

Today Marcosy and I headed to the wilds of East London. Why would we do such a thing? Let me tell you: the London International Motor Show.

International my arse.

Anyway, it was kinda good, although we both decided there were too many people there, most of whom kept trying to walk through us. What's that about? I've not mastered the personal invisibility field just yet. Some guy even tried to get into a BMW Z4 coupe while I was sitting in it! It's not a roomy car at the best of times, and I really don't think it was designed to seat two grown men in the driver's seat at the same time.

So - let's review the best bits:

Holy crap! A sexy Volvo!

Ha! Toyota whacked some decks in the back of an Aygo! Shame they'll never make anything anywhere near as exciting...

Some nutter wasted half their life knitting a Ferrari. What's that all about?!

We both decided that the Mazda MX-5 looks a tad 'special' from the front…

Hubba hubba - my next car!

MINI had a giant Space Invaders-type game called Fake Invaders. You needed two players to play, and Marcosy was not biting. Miserable sod.

MINI also had some fake MINIs. I think she's tinkling on the ivories…

Well… It's nothing if not practical!

Erm, so I decided to ride the MINI mower… And that'll be Marcosy's finger obscuring the bottom part of the picture. I ask you, he won't let me play Fake Invaders, then he shoves his finger into view. Next time I'm getting a professional photographer.

As Marcosy and I are both MINI drivers (not the stumpy square-jawed actress, I hasten to add), we were both allowed onto the MINI BARge - a floating bar for the exclusive use of MINI owners. We had to show our keys to get onboard (which made me feel a bit like we were heading into a swingers event), and then were given free drinks and smarties - RESULT! Although at one point we think a really fat woman got on and the BARge started to list, so we abandoned ship; free smarties will only get you so far.

All in all it was a pretty good day. Except for when Marcosy made me get in a Lotus Elise - they're really freakin' difficult to get out of! And something, erm, may have broken off it when I tried to get out... Oh, and the tube and train network went tits up on the way home - meaning that I missed One Tree Hill on telly - and we briefly found ourselves stranded in Stratford. Only six years 'till the Olympics are staged in the East End - I don't doubt at all that London will be ready (!).

Now I've got to go shower - long tube journeys always make me feel a little funky.

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