Monday, July 17, 2006

Funny books

Anyone who's looked at my blogger profile will know that I list 'unpublished comic book writer,' along with 'being an astronaut' and 'international playboy' in my interests (two of those three are lies; unfortunately, the 'unpublished comic book writer' bit is not).

Anyway, at the suggestion of Simon/Jamal, I've taken the plunge and whacked some of the pages of the last project that I worked on with my co-conspirator Graham (he draws pretty pictures!) up on my myspace page (hey, if it works for bands...).

It's a bit odd to plonk them up there. It's like baring your soul. Well, no it's not, actually. But, y'know, there's every possibility that someone could leave a comment branding them "shite," which would probably make me cry.

Oh, and I've done this without telling Graham either, so he might yet kill me.

So feel free to head over to my myspace page to 'ave a look. Especially if you work for DC or Marvel. Or Image or Fantagraphics. Oh, and if you're also a myspace member, bloody well friend me (erm, please).

Any and all comments, either here or on the myspace page are welcome... He says, bracing himself for a torrent of abuse!


skillz said...

I can't see the full collection because I don't have a MyS***e account, but that pic is pretty cool.

I saw something a little similar a while back:

What's the story, anyway?

Miss T said...

It actually looks really interesting. Is there any way you can load it up and make it biggerer so we can read it?

Thumbs up, matey.

Tim said...

Skillz - Aaaah... Oh, I'll probably post the rest soon anyway. I might actually make them a bit bigger so you can actually read it rather than just look at the slutty woman in her pants.

It's basically a grown-up fairy tale sorta thing. But without fairies. We pitched it to Dark Horse comics as an anthology series set in a city where weird stuff goes down all the time. There's beasts 'n weirdies a-roaming the streets. This one was all about a kid being abducted by a strange creature.

They never got back to us. Sniff.

Nice Santa pic! I think I've seen that somewhere before but I can't remember where...!

Miss Haversham - Oh if only you worked for Dark Horse comics! I'll have a fiddle to make it biggererer. And I'll put a few more pages up. Though we never actually did the whole lot so it might not make too much sense!

Tim said...

Ask and ye shall receive!

There's bigger versions up now...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Comic stuff is great. But more importantly: YOU HAVE GEORGE TAKEI AS A FRIEND ON YOUR MYSPACE PROFILE ! ! !

Nevermind Mr Shatner, as amusing and entertaining as he is, he'll go to the opening of an envelope!

Tim said...

Comic stuff IS great. I can't get enough of Los Bros Hernandez stuff... and Superman Returns has got me a little excited about DC stuff again for the first time in, ooo, years...

Yeah, how cool is George Takei!? Now, I wonder if Nichelle Nichols is on myspace...!?