Sunday, July 09, 2006

The power of my mind

Marcosy and I met up today, mainly because he'd ordered some super-expensive trainers (apparently they'll make him run as fast as The Flash or something) and couldn't remember where the shop was.

Post trainer buying we headed off for a coffee in the garden of Teddington's branch of Neros, where I proceeded to vent my spleen a little over my current mood. It must be said, all this spleen-venting is rather good, and it makes me feel somewhat better to have someone else sympathize with me. Vindicated is the word. It feels quite good to be vindicated - hurrah!

Anyway, mid spleen-vent, I noticed that Marcosy was looking a little bit distracted. Was he going to make a break for it, and leave the crazy ranting man in the middle of West London suburbia? No, in fact he was mildly distracted by the iced latte cup that was moving steadly across the table, apparently of its own accord.

I looked at it too.

Ha ha, I joked holding out my hand as if to suggest that I was moving it with the power of my mind.

That's when my plastic cup began to move too.

We both looked at each other, expressions of mild shock on our faces. It was all a little bit too Carrie for a Sunday afternoon.

We decided to head back to the car before I caused the obnoxious tubby monstrosity at the table next to us to burst into flames.

Of course, in hindsight it has been a rather breezy day, so it could've been the wind. But it probably wasn't.


Ryan said...

Vindicated! I am selfish, I have won, I...

forgot the words. :/


Miss T said...

I like to believe it is the power of the mind. Either that or IDV is rubbing off on you somehow!

Tim said...

Ryan - are you quoting song lyrics?! It sounds familiar and yet ... I can't remember who it's by!

Miss Haversham - I like to believe it's the power of my mind too... I'm going to experiment with my developing powers again today (though only if I have a plastic-cupped beverage!)

skillz said...

Maybe you used the Force to move it. Have you had a midichlorian count recently? It's really easy, the nurse gives you a magazine and a plastic cup and you get your results within a few hours.

Either that or you've got the same thing as John Travolta in Phenomenon and your powers are the result of a fatal brain tumor. Worrying.

Tim said...

Was Phenomenon the one where Travolta had wings? I definitely haven't grown wings, so I think it's probably the Force. (And how the hell did Travolta manage to leave the ground - he's huuuuuge!)

That being the case, I'm off to a dodgy backstreet clinic at lunchtime for a midichlorian count; they're using an abacus, though, so the results might take a while… I hope they give me some pictures of Carrie Fisher in that metal bikini from 'Jedi'.

Ryan said...

Dashboard Confessional.
Spider-man 2 soundtrack.
Classic. :]

Tim said...

Aaaah… I've never listened to any of their stuff!

I'll ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!