Monday, July 10, 2006

Kittens, mittens, pirates, and telekinesis

Jo emailed me today to let me know that she knew someone who had a two week old kitten they were trying to find a home for. It's small enough to fit in the palm of my hand, apparently.

Now, I know you're not supposed to separate a kitten from its mother until they're about eight weeks old, because they've got to learn various cat-based activities from their mum, such as how to tiddle correctly, how not to scratch the sofa, and how to do simple multiplication. And god knows, the last thing I'd want is an illiterate cat that couldn't program the video to tape The OC when I'm out.

(Isn't it around that age that you need to have their bits either stapled shut or cut off as well? I don't know…)

Anyway, despite lots of "oooooh-ing" and "aaaaaaah-ing," and an email from Marcosy that just repeated the words "get the kitten" over and over and over again, I'm NOT getting the kitten. Although if I were I love the idea of calling it Chairman Meow.


The whole pirate thing is off. Another email from Marcosy said that I looked like a 'special pirate' in the photo I posted the other day.


My burgeoning telekinetic powers appeared to work reasonably well on a Starbucks paper cup; I'm moving onto the china ones tomorrow. Then I might levitate some small animals.


I actually have nothing to say about mittens, I just liked the rhyme.

Right - off to have some fun; the neighbours opposite have a Hitler cat and I can taunt it from my bedroom window. The stupid thing can't see me - hours of fun!


Miss T said...

Get the kitten! My Kitty Miaow (not her real name - I am protecting her identity too) was abandoned to the pound after six months of neglect and not being able to socialise with other kitties. She toilet trained herself, and the only side affect of an abused kittenhood is that she tries to get milk from my fingertips.

Which isn't the best way to be woken up. In fact, it's a rather Ali G approach to waking up.

Ryan said...

GET THE KITTEN! Come on! lol. :D

It would give you premium blogging material - as if you needed it. ;)

Tim said...

Holy crappola! Are you guys ganging up on me!?

Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten, Can't get the kitten … can I? NO!

Miss T said...

Just get the kitten. Think of all the kitteny good times you will have!

Dora and Tina said...

Put the pirate thing back on and get the freakin' kitten.

See how simple it can be?

P.S: His eyes are still following me wherever you go on this blog....

Tim said...

Maybe I could make the kitten a pirate… Yes! That sounds like a plan!

Little Clint Howard is all seeing! Muwahahahaha!!!!