Monday, July 24, 2006

I am Captain Jack

I was on the phone to my Nemesis today. He was trying to prod me about deadlines, which is an interesting thing as I've never known the man to meet a deadline in his life.

Anyway, there we were, chatting awa- I mean, there he was, chatting away while I did my utmost to sound bored, and he mentioned something about the impossible deadlines I've been working to recently.

"How are you doing with those deadlines - meeting them?"

I suddenly sat bolt upright, pulled my pirate eyepatch on, and adopted a Cap'n Jack voice.

"Meeting them?! MEETING THEM?!" I pointed my hand somewhere thataway "Of course not - I'm merely waving at them as they sail past!"

I then made a "Wooooooooooosh" noise and hung up.


Dora and Tina said...

Everyone needs a nemesis in the workplace...someone to blame problems on and generally fuck with when you're feeling bored or tired. I'm glad you went Captain Jack on his arse, the world needs more of Captain Jack.

Tim said...

I don't want my Nemesis. Do you want him?

That said, channeling Captain Jack was the highlight of my day!

Sara said...

How many people can really say that they've imitated a pirate in every day life?

I guess you can check that one off the "Things to Do Before I Die" list.

Tim said...

If you ask me, there's really not enough piratey behaviour around these days.

Everyone loves a pirate! They're... nautical but nice!