Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'll fix ya

No, I'm not moving into the 'knee-capping' business, and that title's not supposed to be a threat.

I can't believe I forgot about this! While strolling down Kingston high street this morning I heard a reggae band playing outside Gap (I don't think that's specifically relevant, but I like to get all the facts down). The song they were playing sounded eerily familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it...

Then it hit me.

They were playing 'Fix you' by Coldplay. But they had reggaed it up big stylee.

It was fantastic. Which is saying something, because I'm really not a Coldplay fan.


It's funny, I'm quite territorial over music; I really like finding quality bands when they're still playing small-ish venues (upto, say, the Shepherds Bush Empire), then get a bit huffy when they swan off to somewhere like Wembley Arena; it's almost like I resent the fact that other people latch on to them as soon as they get some success. "Yo!" I'd shout, "Where were you when people were throwing pints at them?"

I'm so glad I got to see Phantom Planet at the Mean Fiddler last year, because I'm convinced at some point everyone's going to realise how good they are, and that there's more to them than just the theme tune to The OC. And then where will I be? Wembley Arena, back row, third seat from the left. D'ya know what I mean?

That being the case, it's damned lucky I wasn't around to see The Rolling Stones and David Bowie play pub gigs back in the day. Because I'd be having real issues with the other 40,000-odd people who'll be settling down at Twickenham Stadium on August 20th to see Mick and the boys.


Mr Chunt said...

Was the band The Dualers???

Tim said...

What the reggae Coldplay? I dunno! I'll check next time I'm back there!