Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Two hours of my life wasted - just *WASTED!*

Yaz and I went to see Cars the other day. Now, I like cars, and I like films, so you'd think that I'd like the film Cars.

It was shit.

Of course, it looked amazing, but you can wrap a dog turd up in sparkly paper and put a pretty bow on top - at the end of the day, it's still a dog turd.

At least Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties had Jennifer Love Hewitt in it.

Damn. Did I just admit to seeing Garfield 2: A Tale of Two Kitties?


I'm thinking about getting a Tattoo. Do they come with their own little suits, or are accessories sold separately?


Miss T said...

Get the tatt. Well, you didn't get the cat, so there would be some sort of Dr Seuss closure for all us blog readers.

Yeah, get a tatt and then blog about it. I have always wanted one, but been too much of a wuss to get it. Pain factor or something.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What would you have and where? I've heard they're quite demanding, though. They need moisturising and massaging etc. It'll have to have its own mini-Tattoo!

I'm glad you likened Cars to a turd (hee hee - I said 'turd'). Even though it's a Pixar film, doesn't mean it'll be fantastic. Ever since the first trailer for it, I've thought it looked a bit pants and resolved not to see it. Might just watch The Incredibles again, though...

Tim said...

Noooooo... you both misunderstand! I actually want a little person to do my chores for me - you know, "Tattoo, do the washing up!"

"Yes boss."

"Tattoo, bake me a cake!"

"Yes boss."

"Tattoo... What's that noise?"

"Da plane boss, da plane!"

And then we'll chuckle, and I'll kick him just for laffs.

Dora and Tina said...

Well from someone who got dragged to see it with young kiddies, I thought it was shit. Upgrade from the mild "turd" to just plain shit. They even thought it was shit.

When you finally get a little person to do your bidding, tell us where you got it. I would love to have a little person around to yell at and stuff.

Oh wait, that's why I became a teacher.....

Tim said...

Do you think I could make my little person cry too!?

That would be so cool.


"Y-y-yes boss... Waaaaaaaaaaah!"

"Stop crying you little shit."

Will said...

Garfield 2? You didn't. Now I feel better about seeing Miami Vice.

Tim said...

I so did!!!! And I veered between thinking it was actually OK and a pile of ol' doo-doo!

C'mon... It can't be as bad as Miami Vice, can it? I mean, even I won't go see Vice, and I do like a BAD film...!