Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tut. This is silly

OK - this really is silly. I just heard a car alarm go off, and thinking it was mine I went running out into the street in a quickly pulled together outfit of hoody, tracky pants, and mis-matched shoes.

Apparently it was not my car; some inconsiderate bastard appears to have a very similar alarm, and their car is punishing me too.

And to top it off, two blokes were out in the street changing a tyre on another car (well, I suppose they could've been stealing the tyre...), and I just looked like a nutter who ran out of his house, stared at his car for a bit, then ran back in.

At least if I was wearing Spider-Man jim-jams I could've gone "pwish pwish! Just you're friendly neighbourhood web-slinger!" and left them standing there in absolute awe of me.


Miss T said...

Your car obviously still hasn't forgiven you.

A question: is 'pwish'*really* the sound Spidey's web makes? I thought it was more of a 'swish'myself. But that's just me.

Nikki said...

LOL this was great.

As the cars get smarter, we get...more mix-matched. LOL

Tim said...

Miss Haversham - I think my car's sulking. Bless it. I hope it gets over its little hissy fit soon.

Now, the sound that Spider-Man's web-thingies make... That's a good question. Maybe we could compromise and go with a silent 'p'? Or we could bombard Stan Lee with emails to get the definitive answer!

Nikki - I know! I seriously think Fisher Price would do a roaring trade if they made chunky plastic cars for adults devoid of all bells and whistles!

shirley said...

But if you were Spider-Man, you would've just pwish'd some web down to shut your car up. And then saved lives, or something!

Tim said...

Damn! I could've strung the tyre thieves up from a lamp post! If only I'd thought about it!!

I would've gone off to save some lives, but, y'know, I was tired, and had an early start the next day... It ain't all witty one-liners and swinging with MJ!

Miss T said...

hehehe. You said 'swinging with MJ'.

Have you got Stan Lee's email? I'm serious about this. It would answer this burning issue once and for all.

Tim said...

I know - I hoped someone would pick up on that!

I don't have Stan Lee's email... Maybe I should Google it? The noise and his email, that is. I bet he'd end his email with:

... and I hope that answers your question.


Stan Lee

Seriously - what is that 'excelsior' thing all about?!