Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hair apparent

Today was my first day back at work after a super week off. And do you know what I realized after settling into the captain's chair this morning?

Damn, my hair is getting long.

Which is a good thing.

Long time readers will know that I've been harping on about growing my damned hair for ages, and my nefarious plan is finally reaching fruition. We're not talking Rupunzal length here, folks, but it's certainly longer than the stock 1.5-2 inch spiky mess that I've previously sported since discovering hair gel waaaaaay back in the early 90s.

The only problem I've noticed thus far in is that hair... well, it gets in your eyes, dunnit? I've lost track of the amount of time it's poked me today; my corneas are probably scratched to hell, but at least I can blog about laser eye surgery at a later date, mmmm?

And before anyone offers the practical advice of a hair-band - um, NO, and secondly, it would be super-hypocritical of me to wear one bearing in mind that Jo and I spent a good 20 minutes pointing and laughing at some dude with a hair-band at the cinema on Saturday night.

Anyway, I give it another month, after which it will have grown past my lovely eyes (winks coyly).


Another thing I noticed at work was, despite copious amounts of blogging last week I seem to have last the ability to type coherently. I've used the backspace key so much today I've pretty much worn the arrow off it.

And what do I say to my dyslexic fingers? I'll tell you what: jk agrjbgw gwhighjkgads ladgskhgdshjk thtewk.

(And that pretty much verified all my comments for the next day or so too)


Dear Amazon.co.uk Customer,

Thank you for ordering Battlestar Galactica Season Two DVD; unfortunately we require a further 1-2 weeks to dispatch this item to you. I hope this does not cause any inconvenience.

No worries! I'll buy it in HMV - and, ooo, I've got a five quid HMV voucher too! Done, done, head back to office and cancel Amazon delive-

Battlestar Galactica Season Two DVD - dispatching soon!


(On the plus side, i've just watched the first three episodes of my first Battlestar Galactive Season Two DVD boxset and it's frakkin' awesome)


I had some peri-peri turkey for dinner. It was delicious, but it didn't half stain the pan I cooked it on. Makes me wonder what it's doing to my insides, and if it'll go straight through me like I've had gastro-intestinal bypass surgery. A bit like that hot chocolate I had last year in that cafe on the Charing Cross Road; it was almost like I poured it down a very small drainpipe. Came out exactly the same consistency at the other end...


Imogen said...

>>Anyway, I give it another month, after which it will have grown past my lovely eyes<<

Yes, but by then it will well and truly be winter, which means it'll be buffeted about by gale force winds and get in your mouth while you're talking.

Lets hear you scoff at hairbands then!

Although, I agree with you; hairbands are Bad and doing anything for a brilliant blog post is good.

Within limits. *disclaimer*

Dinah said...

I'm still giggling way too loudly at the verified comments comment.

Also, I love when there's a new DVD set to watch and you've just started and it's part anticipation because there are so many more to go and part excitement because it's all just right there. I get way too into my feelings about DVD sets.

Tim said...

Imogen - my hair generally looks a mess anyway, so at least in the winter I'll have an excuse for looking like a hobo! I'll restrain it under a beanie too.

I had a discussion with Marcosy a while back about the pros and cons of hairbands, and despite there being several pros (keeps hair out of eyes, practical, etc) they were completely outweighed by the sole con: look like a massive tool.

Dinah - I'm also a fan of the new DVD boxset. And it's a bumper month - Battlstar Galactica, Smallville Season 5, and next week: The OC Season Three!!! Excitement, he wrote!!!

Who needs a social life when you've got 14 hours of quality programs and deleted scenes on six shiny discs? WHO!? Not me, that's who!

Verification word: uimuqh. Isn't that Klingon?

Miss T said...

Ok, are the headbands we are all talking about ponytail headbands, or the "I am going to the gym and pushing my sweaty hair off my forehead sort".

I have two words for you: thrombic and modulator. I am now acquainted with it.

ulwetwv. Sounds like a Wagner opera.

Tim said...

I think we're talking about the David Beckham alice-band stylee, not the Andre Agassi "I'm *SOOOOOO* early 90s" stylee of the, um, early 90s...

Tee hee - you said thrombic modulator!

I've got tebqntxk, but the doctor assures me this cream will clear it up...

Dora and Tina said...

Do not wear a head band!!! Or I shall be forced to cobble together another MS paint picture depicting it.

Tim said...

God, no, I'm not going to wear one!!

Do you think I'm completely crazy!?