Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mr Potato Head in rehab

I was reading with interest... actually it was more like complete disinterest, if I'm brutally honest, that the lead singer of Keane, Tom Chaplin, has gone into rehab, initially for exhaustion, before owning up that he's actually succumbed to that ol' chestnut drink and drugs.

How very rock 'n roll, particularly as they don't use guitars. Actually maybe it's an addiction to full-fat coke and sherbet dib-dabs. Either way, they've cancelled a load of gigs, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, I'm not going to take the mickey out of Mr Potato Head because, well, you can make your own jokes there; rather, I'd like to pick up on a comment made by one of his bandmates.

Basically (and I did make a half-hearted attempt to find the exact quote, but after about a minute of Googling Keane I feel asleep), one of the other Keane people said (and at the time, they were still saying it was "exhaustion", mmm'kay?) that Mr Potato Head needed some time off because he's THE most energetic front man of his generation.

Now, excuse me here, because I'm just going to lay down on the floor and roll around while shrieking with laughter.


I may not like their insipid music, but by gum those boys can sure tell a joke!


No, wait... THEY ARE HAVING A GIRAFFE, Cockney rhyming-slang fans!

Have they not seen Matt Belamy of Muse? Geez, even that Johnny bloke from Razorshite, he's an energetic little bitch!! But Mr Potato Head from Keane?! Not unless you call rhythmic swaying and the occasional balancing on one leg energetic. And I do not.

That said, if he displays any signs of on-stage energy when they resume the tour, it'd probably be best to pack him off to rehab again...


skillz said...

The guy from The Rakes is a top quality front man. There's something so cool about someone who dances like a dork.

Tim said...

I was just having a bit of a moment trying to remember who The Rakes are, but I iTune'd 'em - All too human and 22 Grand job ("in the city it's alright!") are quality tunes!

Never seen 'em though. That said, I do like to see frontmen (or frontwomen, for that matter) putting on some spacker-ish moves.

On that basis, I could be a top frontman.

Dora and Tina said...

Sounds like the people saying "exhaustion" was the cause were joining in with the drinks and drugs....they can't think anyone would believe that for a second.

Balancing on one leg takes it out of him!

Tim said...

I bet all that one-legged business has something to do with his massive potato head. I expect it's difficult to stay upright with a massive potato-shaped head.

Dinah said...

I would love to take time off for exhaustion. Not even legit exhaustion, not fake drug/booze exhaustion, just call in sick "yeah, can't come in, i have exhaustion...no, it's a legitimate illness...Mr. Potato Head from Keane...sort of like that, yeah..."