Friday, March 31, 2006

Cooking with Sparky Malarkey!

Single? Just fled the family nest? On the run from the Police? Are you having trouble maintaining a healthy, balanced diet? Don’t fear – Sparky Malarkey is here to help you with easy to fix, delicious and nutritious meals!

This week:

Baguette de fromage de puce

(That’s cheesy-chip baguette to you and me)


• A baguette
• Some cheese
• Chips

Scatter a handful of chips on a baking tray (make note to follow the cooking guidelines on the packet if you’re using oven chips. If you’re cooking your own… well, you’re on your own there matey).

While the chips are gently simmering away, make a cut in the baguette (careful with that knife!). Don’t cut clean through the baguette, just enough to make a nice pocket inside it. Then, grate the cheese onto a little dish (although if you’ve not yet equipped your kitchen with a grater, or are a bit of a simpleton, thin slices will suffice).

When your chips are nicely golden brown, take them out of the oven (no nibbling, naughty!). Being careful not to burn yourself, tuck the chips inside the baguette.

Next, scatter the cheese over the top of the opening, so that it covers the chips.

Now pop your cheese, chip, and baguette monstrosity onto the baking tray, and slap it back in the oven, watching carefully to ensure it doesn’t burn!

When the cheese has melted sufficiently, whip it out of the oven, slide it onto a plate, and serve.

Enjoy that bad boy!

Sparky Malarkey notes:

• For the more health conscious reader, try using McCain oven chips – they’re only 5% fat and contain NO cholesterol!

• Having guests round for dinner? Why not just use a whole French stick!

Burp! Pardon!


Mr Chunt said...

Add some Nandos Extra Hot Peri-Peri to spice it up a little!

Tim said...

Nandos ketchup! God, I'm addicted to that stuff...

Big Bro said...

Sparkey..... you have toooooooo much time on your hands!!!

something from me said...

I like the plates. Where did you get them?

Tim said...

Cheers! I thought they were pretty cool too...

They're Marks and Sparks!