Monday, March 27, 2006


Have you ever noticed how your car feels like a safe, secure little bubble that no one else can enter unless invited?

And have you realised that people think they can get away with anything in their cars without anyone else noticing? Such as that breezy executive doing her make-up in the rear view mirror (because that's a sensible thing to do at 70 mph on the M25). Or that cheeky chappy plumber taking a call on his mobile (because there's no way HE'LL cause an accident). Or Gillian Taylforth, er, looking for that tube of polos she'd dropped between the seats...

Or singing along to the song on the CD! Because that's certainly not embarrassing when you're stopped at the traffic lights singing along to David Bowie's 'I'm Afraid of Americans' at the top of your voice, maybe even rocking out just a little, and you look to your left, and that woman in the blue Renault Megane is looking at you REALLY funnily.

Nope, that's not embarrassing at all...

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