Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekend at Sparky's

There's been a distinct lack of malarkey this weekend, but that doesn't mean it's not been a good one:

Friday - saw V for Vendetta. Now, unusually for me, this is one of the few 'must-read' graphic novels that I haven't read - particularly so because I'm a big fan of Alan Moore. That being the case, I can't compare the film to the original - suffice to say though, I did quite like it. I might've liked it more had I not been so damned tired.

Maybe I've developed narcolepsy?

Saturday - slept in late in an attempt to get over the aforementioned narcolepsy, then read a few comic books (DMZ, Majestic) and finished reading Close Range, the short story collection that Brokeback Mountain was originally published in.

Tried to get into a Les Incompetent gig in the evening with my bro, Simon, but we were a bit late getting there and the damned thing was full. I swear the chocolate brownie pudding we'd had earlier slowed us down.

Sunday - Woke up early and watched One Tree Hill. Is it me, or is this season of OTH really dire? Went to buy new gym gloves (after tumble drying the old ones, a process that pretty much petrified them). Stopped into Mum and Dad's and wangled a free lunch in the process. Got home and hoovered. Oh, the excitement.

Just been to the gym; the new gloves acquitted themselves well. Hooray.

And the remaining few hours of the weekend? Hmmm... I think it's a definite chillout - maybe start reading another book, followed by Supernatural and Desperate Housewives (another show that's nose-dived in quality) on the telly.



Lee said...

> Desperate Housewives (another show that's nose-dived in quality)

Get. Out.

Last week's was sublime. Bree with a shotgun? I practically turned heterosexual!

Tim said...

OK, Bree with a shotgun was a highlight of the series, but Hatcher's beginning to get on my nerves (and I used to love the Hatcher), and Sister Mary is just damn scary!

Maybe a Bree spin-off... it could be called "Oh my heavenly days!"