Friday, March 17, 2006

Hollywood calling!

As an avid movie-goer, I think I'm well-placed to advise film studios on what the public really want to see. Watch out for these blockbusters coming your way in the next few years:

• Back to the Fuchsia - Join a crazy professor, his teenage sidekick and a sheep dog on a cracking adventure across time, space, and a pantone colour chart.

• The Doddfather – a remake of The Godfather starring Ken Dodd. I definitely think there's scope for sequels here.

• Coyote – Philip Seymour Hoffman reprises his Oscar-winning role in this sequel that sees him again trying to outwit that wily roadrunner.

On a related note, have you seen the trailer for Basic Instinct 2, the latest thriller to star 84 year old Sharon Stone? Oh, sorry, I meant '48'. Anyway, I'm betting all my savings on that being the best film ever, and in no way a gratuitous, plot-less waste of time that's as sexy and intriguing as an episode of Coronation Street from 1972.

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Anonymous said...

Tim this is Liam i can't wait until they come out on screen see ya dude!