Monday, March 20, 2006

My name is...

...The real Slim Shady.

Ha. No, actually that sentence should finish with the word 'Earl'.

Anyone watching that show? 'Tis very good - go watch it now. Well, after you've read this. Or come back and read this later, I don't care which.

Anyhoo, those that do watch My Name is Earl know that the basic setup is that the titular Earl has learnt of the concept of karma, and is attempting to put right all the bad things he'd previously done.

I like to think that I'm a pretty well-rounded (figuratively, not in girth), nice person, but I've come to the conclusion today, possibly one of the most infuriating days I have experienced during my working life, that I must've done something wrong. Possibly in a previous life because I certainly don't remember any instances of absolute evil in this one.

I suspect it was something like grinding kittens in a blender or making nuns drink toilet duck. Either way, on today's form, it was REALLY bad.

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