Tuesday, March 14, 2006

iTunes has upset me

Don't get me wrong, I love iTunes, iPods ... anything with an 'i' in front of it, I s'pose ... but iTunes basically just said to me that, after seeing that I own music by Phantom Planet and the Foo Fighters I'd probably also like music by McFly.

Erm, NO.

I'm sure they are very nice people (the one with a head shaped like a potato was very polite when a friend of mine 'accidently' slammed a door on his face during a chance encounter the other year), but I really don't want to listen to their particular brand of sub-Busticated pop pap.

Isn't it about time they split up and vanished into oblivion anyway?

Look at that - today's two posts had music as a common theme: the good (see below), and the bad. Don't expect me to be so consistent in the future.

Beats writing about about dawdling old people like I'd planned to though...


Anonymous said...

Laim this is Liam i didnt know itunes upset you like that dude
you have ask me tonight a 5 to 12
on 18th of march well see ya dude by Liam

Tim said...

My first comment! Hi Liam, and cheers dude - you're the first to post a message to my site ... and probably the only person to have looked at it so far!

Keep checking back, yeah?

Anonymous said...

thanks Tim dude