Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cool defined

Aside from being Mother's Day, did you also know it's Leonard Nimoy's birthday? No. Well, that's just rude... Go on, you've still got time to get to the 24-hour garage for some petrol-infused flowers and a box of Dai-

You get the gist.

I met Nimoy last year. Not as in we bumped into each other in the street and he said "hey Tim, how the hell have you been?" I went to a convention. Yeah go on, laugh it up! I've actually only been to a few - and mostly then for work purposes, but when I heard that Nimoy was going to be there I thought "sod it."

For someone who has just ticked over to 75, he is quite possibly the coolest man on the planet.

(And who said meeting your heroes was disappointing?)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sprogg,
Family L failed to read the whole download, however we agree it sounds just like you
D, W, & S