Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sound and vision

I've just treated myself to some audiovisual excitement: HMV had The Kooks album Inside in Inside Out for sale at £6.99. This stupidly low price looks like a hideous mistake on their part, but I wasn't going to correct them. I'd probably have bought it at twice the price simply because the radio ad with Tom Baker is sublime. I could listen to that man say "The Kooks" for hours.

Anyway, it's playing out as I write this, and on first listen it's pretty good. I'll have to stick it in the car before I make a final judgement, as that's where I REALLY listen to music. But quite frankly, any album that features a track called Jackie Big Tits can't be anything less than genius in my book.

To top it off, I had one of those vouchers HMV give you before Christmas, so I HAD to buy something else to make it up to the required amount of £20. I failed in that respect, but it's great what a flirty smile can do to make a till girl sneak through a cheeky reduction for you (I'm such a whore). So, that being the case, say hello to David Bowie's Serious Moonlight DVD. Now, I'm a big Bowie fan, but it's going to take me a while to gear up to watching this.

The sight of anyone, let alone style icon David Bowie, wearing a flourescent green zoot suit is frightening in the extreme.

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