Monday, March 27, 2006

Slow news day

A couple of articles from that last bastion of quality journalism, the Daily Mail, have caught my eye over the last few of weeks.

Firstly, according to the Mail, Mick Jagger is basically allergic to old people. And today, they report that Will Young is cracking up and seeking solace in God.

Far be it for me to rip into these obviously very well researched pieces, but who cares if Will Young is chasing God? I probably would too if I'd sold my soul to the Devil.

And look, if I'm still in a position to be chasing hotties around the globe when I'm in my sixties, then quite frankly I'm sure I'd demand that the first 500 rows of my sold out stadium gigs are only full of blonde 21 year-olds. And no doubt I'd run a mile from anything with even the barest hint of a cabbage smell or wee about it.

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