Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Run Forest, run!

I've sort of provisionally agreed to do a 10k run in June.

In recent years I've only run on a treadmill while at the gym. My general opinion is that running in public should only be performed when you are either:

a) running away from something (such as angry dogs, invading aliens, or Pete Burns)


b) running towards something (such as a free car, a stack of cash, or the welcoming arms of, and potential smoochies with, Kristen Kreuk)

Bloody hell, it's not even for charity. Does that make it a ... 'fun run'?

[Fun (fun), n. 1 something that provides mirth or amusement. 2. enjoyment or playfulness. -adj. 3. informal. Providing fun; enjoyable: a fun thing to do.]

Hmmm. Well no doubt the sight of me turning blue and writhing on the ground in agony will provide amusement to some...

Practise run with my wonderful friend Sweatband on Saturday. She's promised tea and biscuits if I'm still alive at the end!

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