Thursday, October 05, 2006

You Tube a-go-go!

I've not got time to write a super long post today. Y'see, now that I've been on the radio, I'm sitting by the phone waiting for the calls to start. And they will start.




In the meantime - I've been scouring You Tube for things to amuse you all.

And so - especially for Miss T:

And next - is it a child? Is it a midget? Is it a tiny clone of James Brown? Quite frankly, who cares - just watch him bust some awesome moves:


Miss T said...

Man alive!!!!!!!

Miss T said...

He's a little fat man, with a pug nosed face!!!

Dude, that was the most awesome thing since "It's too late, I've seen it all!"

Tim. You. Are. A. Legend. For. Finding. That!!!

Could I use any more exclamation marks to show my excitement?

I am so crazy about Bowie. I blame his film clip for ashes to ashes that I saw far too much in my formative years.

Tim said...

I love Bowie too! Here's the lyrics - let's have a freakin' sing along to it (2309 GMT):

The Little Fat Man (With The Pug-Nosed Face) ~ (Bowie/Gervais/Merchant)

Little fat man who sold his soul,
Little fat man who sold his dream...

Pathetic little fat man,
No one's bloody laughing,
The clown that no one laugh's at,
They all just wish he'd die.

He's so depressed at being hated,
Fatso takes his own life,
He blows his stupid brains out,
But the twat would probably miss.

He sold his soul for a shot at fame,
Catchphrase and wig and the jokes are lame,
He's got no style, he's got no grace,
He's banal and facile, he's a fat waste of space

See his pug-nosed face...Pug, pug, pug, pug,
See his pug-nosed face...Pug, pug, pug, pug,
See his pug-nosed face...Pug, pug, pug, pug,
The little fat man with the pug-nosed face, Pug, pug, pug, pug,
Little fat man, pug-nosed face, Pug, pug, pug, pug,
He's a little fat pug-nosed face, Pug, pug, pug, pug.

Tim said...

Oh, and that was A LOT of exclaimation marks!!!!!!

Miss T said...

That's how much I loved it! So many exclamation marks it made the window fatter. Or something.

Oh, Bowie. He is a cool, cool cat. I can't believe they all wrote it together!

Does it count that I just sang along to the lyrics in my head? I'm tone deaf and the dog doesn't need to be subjected to that!

Tiny little fat man! He's banal and facile!!

I keep obsessively pressing the play button!

Miss T said...


Dinah said...

He just wants to dance!

Tim said...

Miss T - You use as many exclaimation marks as you want - it's not like they're in short supply!

I'm hoping Bowie puts that on his next album!

Dinah - I know, amazing huh? I wish I could dance like that...

Dora and Tina said...

Bwahahahaha!!! Just when I thought Bowie couldn't be more funny, he could.

When the song couldn't get any funnier, it did.

Great find.

It has made me want to post a movie Miss T and I made last year with a special little skeleton friend.....

Tim said...

Bowie's great, isn't he! This could be The Laughing Gnome for the 21st century!


Miss T said...

Just dropped by to watch Bowie for about the 12th time today! It's a tad obsessive, but I love it.

Dora, as long as we don't get sacked, I am all for posting the little guy!! At least then people can put stupid voices to our stupid blogs.

Dinah said...

I actually had a dream last night where the dancing guy and the guy on the couch got their own sitcom. It was called "Fat Man and Little Boy" and it wasn't until I woke up that I realized what a terrible title that was.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I've only just listened to your dulcet tones! I was all of a shiver with antici...


You were fabulous, darling! Fabulous! Far more memorable than Patsy or Spock.

That little 'creature' doing the dancing: what's up with his teeth? They look like cookie cutters. Little freak.

Will said...

That's great, I missed that episode. Bowie reminds me of someone in that sketch, but can't think who. That kind of troubled but genteel look he does. Ian McKellen maybe? Nah.

Extras 2 has been fucking ace so far - Gervais and Merchant's triumph this series has been to manage to engineer such totally amazing and horrible scenarios.

Will said...

Holy shit, is that man on the sofa Rajinikanth?

Tim said...

Inexplicable Device - (I'm going to sound like I've stepped out of the Victorian era here) Why, you're too kind sir!

I haven't got a clue what that little creature is, but seriously, if it came near me I'd kick it. Or shoot it with a tranquiliser dart. Then kick it.

I don't doubt it's evil. Eeeeeeeeeeevil.

Will - I know what you mean about Bowie, and I've sitting here trying to think who he looks like...

Is that man on the sofa who? Did you just bang your head against the keyboard?

Will said...

Rajinikanth! He's Tamil Nadu's biggest film star! More weirdly, he's totally '80s, a bit chubby, and about 40.

Super Star.

Tim said...

Oh, HIM. Why didn't you just say that...?!

Actually, nope, still drawing a blank. But his website's awesome, what with the flashing, twirling bits, and the 'hot, refreshing' pictures of sassy Bollywood ladies.

skillz said...

I've GOT to learn those moves for tonight.

Tim said...

He's an awesome little dude isn't he?

You'll have to make sure the DJ will stop the music every minute or so so that you can show off your freeze-framing. That would be AMAZING!