Saturday, October 28, 2006

Unky fun

Oh, wait, I've just remembered something else we were talking about over lunch yesterday - in fact, it was the game that started the whole conversation that eventually degenerated into the quick-fire shame-shag discussion.

The original game was: which celebrity would you choose to be your uncle?

Basically, the idea is that you'll see this uncle once or twice a year, and he would give you the most fun-filled day imaginable (in a purely innocent way).

I chose William Shatner (to obvious groans from my workmates). But in all honesty, I can back this up with real scientifical data.

• Shatner likes to take the mickey out of himself, and I like self-depreciating humour.
• Despite his age, he's still very active, and likes to try new things like paint-balling and race car driving.
• He has cool friends like Leonard Nimoy.
• I believe he could impart great wisdom upon an impressionable young chap like myself.
• And at the end of the day we'd jump in the Shatmobile and go to a bar to watch green Orion slave girls pole dance. Awesome.

So that's my choice - Unky Bill. Who's yours?


Dinah said...

Okay, hmm. Let me think...Uncle, eh? How about...William Shatner is setting the bar up pretty high.

I think that Will Ferrell would be a great older cousin.

Okay, Uncle. I'm dipping into the pages of Entertainment Weekly for help:

How about Hugh Jackman? Or Elton John? Or, ooh, Jack Nicholson?

Tim said...

We can share Unky Bill, Dinah. Although Jack Nicholson is a good idea, and came up quite often among my colleagues.

Let's face it - he's quite the 'Joker' - ha ha ha!

I don't like the idea of Unky Elton - he strikes me as a bit, well, nuts. He'd through a temper tantrum all the time.

Miss T said...

I'd like Uncle Sir Ian McKellan. Being a huge hag, I think hanging out with him at the Vesuvius Club would be the absolute bomb. We could yell out things like "You shall not pass!!" at saucy young men.

Tim said...

And he can move metal WITH HIS MIND!!!!

Japes would ensue!

Good choice Miss T!

skillz said...

Han Solo, Larry David or Don Corleone, I can't decide :/

Dora and Tina said...

I think I would have to pick Patrick Stewart. He's willing to take the piss and I like his accent. Plus, he's seen it all.

Also apparently that way Miss T could shag him.

But would I allow it?

Tim said...

Skillz - definitely Han Solo. Two words: Millenium. Falcon.

Corleone might be a tad... unpredictable...

Dora - Good choice... I'm thinking he'd be one of those kind, good-natured uncles who just wants to read stories in his deep thespian voice.

And then, perhaps, shag your friend.

Will said...

Excellent conundrum. Nicholson would be ace. Keith Richards?

Tim said...

Keef was my second choice - although on the downside I reckon he could be a bit erratic...

And you'd never understand what he was talking about!

Dinah said...

I want Ian McKellan, too. We would have a glorious time, and then we could go meet men together.

Tim said...

And don't forget - HE CAN MOVE METAL WITH HIS MND!!!!