Thursday, October 12, 2006


Oh, heh, this is funny!

Popped round to see Sparky Ma and Pa tonight. Seems that Sparky Ma found a pair of undercrackers of mine from a good four years or so ago at the bottom of the airing cupboard today. We can only surmise that they'd fallen down there pretty much the same day I'd put them in there, and have laid there like some undiscovered archeaological gem just waiting for Indiana Jones to find!


Sparky Ma washed 'em, and might've even ironed them (must check for precision crease) - new pants for me tomorrow!


Emo girl has posted just THE BEST bulletin evah:

Fake whores on myspace.



pisses me off tbh

Man, she's so awesome! I'm definitely not deleting her from my friends list!


missy&chrissy said...

emo girl is so wise. must be those tunes she listens to.

Dinah said...

Bulletin: I'm skipping class right now.

Bulletin: I feel guilty about that.

Bulletin: But not too guilty.

Tim said...

Missy and Chrissy - indeed, she is so sage and wise. We should all bow down before her sagey wiseness.

Right - must go check myspace - no doubt she's bulletined again!!

Dinah - Bulletin: Naughty.

Bulletin: So you should.

Bulletin: Ah, screw it - have a duvet day!

Bulletin: I just made a cup of tea.

Bulletin: I wonder if I have any biscuits...?

Bulletin: No, just an oaty flapjack.

Bulletin: That'll do.

Dora and Tina said...

Who the frig really cares??? Perhaps this is the reason I can't get into MySpace. I mean, I barely can keep up with the real world and blogging to also add a frickin' crazy emo into the bag.

Tim said...

Exactly! But she's strangely beguiling...

Dinah said...

Bulletin: I'm wearing the most comfortable socks ever.

Bulletin: it was snowing but now it's not.

Bulletin: I'm definitely going back to bed and 'reading.'

Bulletin: Yeah, I haven't gotten into myspace either.

Tim said...

Bulletin: My socks (myspace socks?) are a bit old.

Bulletin: They keep falling down.

Bulletin: You've had snow?!

Bulletin: It's sunny and mild here!

Bulletin: I quite fancy a Nandos.

Bulletin: I'm going to Nandos!

Dinah said...

Bulletin: I don't know what a Nandos is.

Bulletin: I'm hungry.

Bulletin: Yeah, it snowed yesterday.

Bulletin: It was more weird than pretty.

Bulletin: I wish I had a winter coat.

Bulletin: I'm going to read now for real.

Tim said...

Bulletin: Behold... Nandos

Bulletin: Nandos was ace.

Bulletin: I like snow.

Bulletin: Except the yellow kind.

Bulletin: You should buy one then.

Bulletin: Are you sure?

skillz said...

those bulletins are reading like haikus.

Tim said...

Wow! They do, don't they?

That's awesome... I'm a poet!