Monday, October 02, 2006

Waxing lyrical

Because you demanded it, and by 'you demanded it' I actually mean 'because no one demanded it,' it's time for an ear update!

Well, to be honest there's not actually been that much excitement on this front. I've been putting my ear drops in, and they fizz and pop away like a fizzing-poppy thing, then it tickles, and I giggle for a bit. Then it tickles some more, and I try prodding it. Then it tickles even more, so I ram some toilet paper in there and it comes out all brown and skanky (rather like Victoria Beckham after a trip to the tanning salon, I imagine).

That said, I'm pretty sure there's been some movement within my ear, which has led me to one conclusion.

Yes, like Pavel Chekov in Star Trek II, I've been infiltrated by a Ceti Eel.

On the plus side, no one's tried to make me kill Admiral Kirk or shoot myself in the head yet.

I tell you something, though: it's sure gonna hurt when that little bugger pushes its way out. I might have to take a day off work to recover.


On a related (sorta) note, I heard the most AMAZING song today. I'm sure you've all heard SexyBack by Justin Timberlake, right? Well, this guy on Myspace has, erm, 'reconfigured' it to make a song that he calls Shatner Back. It's so great that I simply had to ask to be his Myspace friend.

Check it out here, and I defy you not to agree that it's superior in every way to the original!


And on another related topic (music not Star Trek - but did you like how I segued almost seamlessly?), I picked up a copy of Sam's Town, the new album by The Killers, today. As I wrote the other day, I've literally only really gotten into this band recently, but I want to be ahead of the game this time round: it's a superb album. It's got a bit more of a raw edge to it than Hot Fuss, which I appreciate greatly; I think that's one reason why I like the Stones - their albums seem to have a slight ramshackle edge to them, and I prefer their live albums even more.

So, yeah, I reckon I could look super-cool and say you should all check it out. You should check it out. In the meantime, I'm going to sit here and throw a hissy fit over the fact that I've probably missed any chance at seeing them play a venue where they might appear anywhere near real human size...


Can I touch on the run again? No? Humph - rude! Well I'm going to anyway. I feel remarkably super today, aside from the aforementioned kink in the knee, which will, I'm sure, work itself out in due course. Scanner Dave on the other hand is feeling... a tad gentle...

And Sweatband? Well, she appears raring to go for the next one. We'd actually all planned to head to the pub after the run for what I thought was intended to be a celebratory bevvy (it fell through because trying to find a parking space near Hampton Court was impossible); Sweatband informed me today that she actually wanted to engage in a little post-run analysis. ANALYSIS!? Good grief! Sensors indicate it was wet and muddy, that's my analysis!!!

Anyway, we've arranged to meet on Wednesday for, can you believe it, a night run up Richmond Hill.

Three words, my friends, three words: GLUTTON. FOR. PUNISHMENT.


skillz said...

The ear drops fizz? Couldn't you just save money and pour popping candy in there, or even better, drink pepsi and mentos then plug every orifice in your head apart from your ears, that'd clear them out!

Miss T said...

Ummmm. Don't doctors over there do the ear cleaning siphoning thing with the liquid and syringe? It's unpleasant, but kind of fun and is much quicker! Failing that, skillz, that is a very scientific suggestion, and I move the motion that Tim do it and blog about it.

Oh, and Shatner back? Diagnosis: awesome.

missy&chrissy said...

i second the whole "put popping candies" in your ear thing. it sounds like a lot more fun than ear drops!

and "shatner back" is my new most favorite song.

Dinah said...

I love the ear squirt. It's exciting and terrifying and gross at the same time - what more can one ask for. Plus, that definitely has clump action.

Tim said...

Are you all trying to kill me?! I've read about this sort of thing - putting popping candy in my ears will make my head explode!

And I don't think I can blog if I haven't got a head.

On the other hand, I'm now five days into a four day course of drops, and I'm actually more deaf than I was this time last week. Scanner Dave actually offered to syringe my ear for me yesterday, but I don't think he's a qualified doctor.

The most helpful thing so far has been playing my iPod really loud, but I'm figuring that's only a temporary solution...

Stuey said...

Get them's'll not believe how much gunk there is in there or how well you can hear after it's done.

Tim said...

Really? I'm kind of worried my brain might come out too...

I'm going to give the drops a couple more tries just because it gives me a nice tingly sensation, then I might have to resort to the syringing...