Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Waiting for a time traveler

Today has been, quite honestly, exceedingly dull. First of all I woke up in exactly the same way as I did yesterday - that is, I woke up, thought I'd have 'a little while longer,' which subsequently turned into about another 30 minutes.


Anyway, I'm always the first into the office in the morning, and have noticed recently that someone has, at some point in the last week, decided to oil the padlock on the front gate. And by oil the padlock I mean that rather than spray a little WD40 into the lock, they appear to have dunked it into a barrel of crude. No kidding, I'm basically covered in it; it's all over my hands and keys. And quite frankly if I'd wanted a job where I had oily hands I'd've been a fluffer.

Moving on: I don't know whether I'm getting used to a lack of hearing, or if the drops are actually having some sort of effect, but I've certainly not noticed being deaf today. Still, I'm hedging my bets and not telling anyone because it's actually a great excuse for ignoring people you don't want to talk to.


I don't know why today has been boring. I've been comfortably busy, which is nestled somewhere nicely between 'have nothing to do' and 'WHOA! Too much work.' Maybe it was all the expectation of meeting a seven-foot tall woman from the 31st century with a killer rack after yesterday's letter to the future?

I was at Starbucks at the appointed time, but alas there no amazonian time travelers - at least not that I saw. Still I expect they have some kind of temporal prime directive to stop them from fiddling with the timeline. But, y'know, a nod or a wink just to let me know wouldn't do any harm. And I swear I won't tell ANYONE.


Anyway, I sat outside Starbucks again, on a table next to two office ladies. Annoyingly, though, they were later joined by about five more ladies, who then looked at me sternly as I sat there nursing my grande misto and listening to my iPod, obviously in the hope that I'd leave and free up a chair. One of them stood with her arse practically in my face, obscuring much of my view onto the Hammersmith Road. In protest, I sat there a bit longer than I normally would, and even made a couple of 'faux attempts' at leaving when actually I was just adjusting my seating position. I'm such a tease! I considered staying there until they had to leave, but I was a tad disheartened at the lack of time travelers, so I eventually left.

My general air of disinterest continued into the afternoon, during which time I even asked Xfm DJ Shaun Keaveny if he could bring forward one of his regular features to alleviate my boredom. He said no, which, I suppose, is fair enough.

Things have perked up now, however! I've just had a lovely dinner, followed by a quite wonderful coffee, made using my new milk frother. Two things to remember in future, however:

1. Insert frother into milk BEFORE activation.
2. Milk is NOT a good interior d├ęcor option; it tends to run down the walls.


In my boredom today, I started searching through you tube, and look what I found - some gems from The Adam and Joe Show! Enjoy!!


Dinah said...

Maybe you did meet a time traveller, but they promised unspeakably good things if you didn't tell us.

Like first crack at a futuristic jumpsuit.

I love doing the fake move to make people think I am leaving. Tease!

Also, FIRST!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I'm going to have to come back later as the work computer isn't lettin gme see the You Tube clips. Bah!

Tim said...

Dinah - maybe the time traveler was masquerading as the barista!! She did get my order wrong...

Blimey. What I wouldn't give for a futuristic jumpsuit...

Inexplicable Device - I think you'll find they're worth it!! At least I hope you find it worth it!

Dora and Tina said...

"...even made a couple of 'faux attempts' at leaving when actually I was just adjusting my seating position"

You little scamp! That is so cool - I bet they thought it was a seat score and then you sat right back down. Cool!

Inexplicable DeVice said...


The little dot keeps overtaking the red line! I can't see the second clip! Crystal Maze Star Wars was good, though.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I saw it! I saw it!

I let it load while I went a'blogging.

I love Adam & Joe (not in that way)

Tim said...

Dora - I know! I am a cheeky little minx aren't I? Serves them right, thinking they could force me out of my chair! I've been going to that Starbucks for years and no office wench shall displace me!

Inexplicable Device - Worth the wait I hope!! I used to love Adam and Joe's Star Wars parodies... Star Wars in their eyes, Chew've been framed... Aaah, those were the days!

skillz said...

I love A&J! Got the dvd but those two clips aren't on there.

There was another great Seven spoof done by Lee and Herring on This Morning With Richard Not Judy.. Hmmm I must root around the episodes and try and find it.


Tim said...

I was gutted the day the Adam and Joe show got axed. It used to make my Friday night...

Lee or Herring (the one without the quiff) drinks in the Starbucks I go to at lunchtime! He always looks ... confused.