Sunday, September 10, 2006


So there I am, sitting on my comfy sofa watching the first disc of The OC season three boxset, and what do I see?

Another big spider walking across my living room floor.

Well, this time I was ready.

In one swift, ninja-esque move I leapt from the sofa, pulling a shoe off my foot in mid air. As I reached my apex, I held the shoe aloft, and then began to bring it down in a fateful arc of fury.

In an instant justice was dispensed upon my eight-legged enemy, and it was rendered dead in an explosion of legs and spider juice.

Nothing, I repeat NOTHING, comes between me and The OC.


Dinah said...

Oh, ick. I am quite impressed. Haaate spiders.

How did you like the OC?

Tim said...

I was quite impressed too! Usually I'm standing on a chair like Tom's owner in a Tom and Jerry cartoon!

I loved The OC. I frikkin' love that show; got through the first disc in the boxset. I can't believe there was a time during the first season when it was on TV that I almost stopped watching!!