Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lord of the fries

After yesterday's veritable smorgasboard of excitement generated by mixing southern fried fries with regular oven chips, I decided to try the southern fried variety on their own tonight (chips two nights in a row - heavens!). Objectively speaking, they are nice, if a little lacking in southern fried flavouring compared to the southern fried curly fries I sampled a few months back. On the other hand, as I'm sure I noted then, curly food just seems to taste better than non-curly food anyway, so no big surprise there.

I will say, however, that Sparky Ma makes the best chips on the planet; crispy on the outside, a good, even golden exterior, and a white fluffy interior. Alas, it seems that I have not inherited the chip-making uber-gene. It must be one of those things that skips a generation. Or it's something like Highlander: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! I simply don't know...


The KINGPINS performed as expected upon trying them on for the first time last night: A-A-A-A-AWESOME!!!!! Unfortunately, I'm now in that new trainer zone were you're reluctant to actually wear them outside because, eeeou - they might get dirty, or eeeou, someone might stand on them, or eeeou, it might rain and they'd get damp, or eeeou, I might stand in some dog poo.

I hate that trainer zone; I might have to slap myself to snap out of it.

Although, new trainers are a complete bitch to drive in; it's either clutch pedal up or clutch pedal down - there is no in-between, And quite frankly, bunny-hopping my car down the A316 during rush hour is not my idea of fun.


So ... the last episode of Lost's second season was ... um ... Anyone like to jump in here? Admittedly I spent a good portion of the first part lacing up the KINGPINS, but c'mon - there were no answers to ANYTHING!! Just more friggin' questions!!!!

And Sahid's cryptic response to the statue with only four toes: "I wonder why it only has four toes?" Geez, who really gives a monkeys, quite frankly? But because you've mentioned it I'll bet my arse and a chocolate tart it'll be important next season.


My super busy period at work is NEARLY over... and I'm thinking about rewarding myself on Monday by taking a long lunch break and heading to HMV in Oxford Street to meet David Hasselhoff and get a signed copy of his new single.

Yes, this one:

Do you dare me? Do you double double dare me?


Oh, here's something for Missy and Chrissy over at Love and Cyanide. I emailed Innocent Drinks about why they don't sell their smoothies over in the U.S. and I got this back:

"Thanks so much for your email. I'm sad for you that we aren't stocking in America too, but we are slowly but surely expanding every day, so maybe one day soon we will be on your local shops shelves."

And in response to Missy and Chrissy's suggestion that Innocent are another reason to move to the UK, the lovely Innocent lady said:

"I would love to know what the other 84 reasons are to move to the UK?"

Gosh darn - they're *SO* polite!


Now, we all know I don't like dogs. But I do like monkeys. Let's finish up today with some monkey fun.


missy&chrissy said...

wow! thank you for emailing innocent drinks, and we're honored that they responded!

we hope and pray that the smoothies show up on our shelves soon. if the innocent lady says so, then it must come true...

Dinah said...

I love fries. So much. Except the cheese fries I had the other day. So nasty. Tasted like mac and cheese...and not in a good way.

Tim said...

Missy and Chrissy - I'll prod 'em with a stick if they don't! I reckon they will eventually... They do look like they're well on their way to world domination!!

Dinah - Mmmm... cheese fries... Ooo, I didn't mention Nandos' peri peri chips! They're amazingly spicy and awesome-alicious!!

Now I want a Nandos...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oooooh! I thought Lost was Super-Fantastic (didn't think I could pull off saying AWWWWSOME)! We know what happens when the button doesn't get pressed. We know Libby used to wear horrific fright-wigs, we know that The Others are incapable of seeing a blindingly white boat approaching their shore, we know that someone, somewhere, has picked up the electromagnetic surge. Intrigue runs rife! I'm just disappointed that Jack wasn't killed and Sawyers shirt wasn't ripped off. Tut.

I'm also disappointed that the dog didn't bite the monkey.

Tim said...

And we also know what happens when you let dynamite off in an enclosed space!


Why do you want Jack dead? That's a bit harsh. Oh, hang on - his dodgy wig was EVEN worse than Libby's. Yes, Jack. Must. Die.

For a minute I thought you were talking about a monkey in Lost, then I realised what you were on about!! That cheeky chimp did well anyway - pulling the dog's tail!! Hee hee!!!

skillz said...

That monkey is way cool.

Second blog post I've read referencing Highlander in as many days. How strange.

Tim said...

I was trying to find a specific monkey video with one of those little cheeky monkeys wrestling a labrador. It was way cool, but youtube don't appear to have it...

Ah! But did the other Highlander-referencing blog have a monkey video, eeeeh?