Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A load of old balls - AKA: shameless thievery

Now, I'm not a massive fan of him in general, but there was a feature on Richard Bacon's Xfm radio show today that actually reduced me to tears of laughter.

The basic gist of it was that you had to insert the word 'testicals' or 'testes' into a the name of a well-known television show, the idea being that hilarity would ensue.

Thus, there were answers such as:

Faulty Testicals (towers)
Testicals or no Testicals (Deal or no Deal)
Teletesticals (Teletubbies)
One foot in the Testicals (One foot in the Grave)
America's Next Top Testical (model)

And so on.

Well, seeing as I found it so amusing, I thought you lot would too. So I've stolen the idea. Except let's do it with movie titles, because they're a bit more universal than TV shows.

I'll start you off with:

Desperately Seeking Testicals
The Testical Strikes Back
Testical Story
You, Me, and Testicals
Back to the Testical
Pirates of the Testicals
Sky Captain and the World of Testicals
The Good, the Bad, and the Testicals

Go crazy kids!


Dinah said...

I'm liking the Star Wars series (or the Testical Wars?)

The Phantom Testical
Attack of the Testical
Revenge of the Testical
A New Testical
The Testical Strikes Back
Return of the Testical

Much like boobs a little while ago, it has now lost all meaning.

And I'm loving A League of Their Testicals.

missy&chrissy said...

dirty rotten testicals. lock, stock, and two smoking testicals. monty python and the holy testicals. goodness, we could play this game for HOURS!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Priscilla: Queen of the Testes
Murials Testical
Artificial Testicals
I, Testical
The League of Extraordinary Testicals
The Testes of Eastwick
Flight of the Testical

Need I go on? (I really want to!)

Tim said...

Ha ha ha!!! Those are fantastic!

Let's play on!!

ET: The Extra Testical
The Lion, the witch, and the testical
Alien Vs Testical
Nightmare on Testical Street
Indiana Jones and the Testical of Doom

Tim said...

Herbie goes Testicals
The Little Testical
THe Lion Testical
Beauty and the Testical
Testical and the Beast
Singin' in the Testicals
Gone with the Testicals
Testical Act II: Back in the Testicals
Testicals of Dogtown

Dora and Tina said...

A testical to remember

Tim said...

You've got Testicals!

Miss T said...

Charlie and the Testical Factory
The Day the Testical Stood Still
Testicals of Desire
Down with Testicals
Old Testical
My Big Fat Testical Wedding

Tim said...

My Big Fat Greek Testical?

Ha ha! All these suggestions are cracking me up!!

Breakfast at Testicals? Testicals at Tiffany's?
Lethal Testical
Robin Hood: Prince of Testicals

Marcosy said...

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Testicles

March of the Testicles

Look Who's Talking Testicles

Tim said...

National Lampoon's European Testicals

Inexplicable DeVice said...

The Day of the Testicals

Star Testical: The Testical of Khan
ST: The Search For Testes
ST: The Testical Home
ST: The Final Testical
Testical Trek: The Undiscovered Testical
ST: Testicals
ST: First Testical
etc. etc...

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh, and:

Bridget Jones' Testical

Tim said...

The Muppets take Testicals
A Testical called Wanda
Bedknobs and Testicals
Interview with the Testicles

Damn! I've just realised I've been spelling Testicles wrong! I'm a rubbish proof-reader!!!

Dinah said...

Testicle vs. Testicle
Bringing Up Testicles
Say Testicles...
Vanilla Testicles
Dirty Testicle
An Inconvenient Testicle
Testicle in Love
Testicle 13
Testicle Confidential

Tim said...

Assault on Testicle 13
Die Hard with a testicle
The Testicle club
Testicle Academy
Casper the little testicle
Dances with testicles
When Harry met testicles
Romancing the testicle

skillz said...

Groundhog Testicle
Wayne's Testicle

Dinah said...

Testicles in Seattle
Almost Testicles
Strictly Testicles
Testicle State
Testicles on a Plane
Testicle of the Jungle
101 Testicles
Dr. Testicle

Tim said...

Lord of the Testicles
Planet of the Testicles
The Butterfly Testicle
Team Testicle: World Police
Mission: Testicle
Close Encounters of the Testicle kind
Lost in Testicles
Mr and Mrs Testicle
The Iron Testicle

Dinah said...

A Testicle in Paris
The Sound of Testicles
The Wizard of Testicles
Rebel Without a Testicle
Testicle Without a Cause
Dude, Where's My Testicle?

Dinah said...

I am clearly having too much fun doing this.

Tim said...

The Testicle in the water
Testicle club
Testicle come home!
Batman and Testicle
Sleepy Testicle

I think we're all having too much fun with this!!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I can't believe I too spelt testicle wrong. My excuse is that I was just copying everyone else!

Went to the cinema last night and saw Little Miss Testicle. It was brilliant. Very funny, but very touching. Fantastically acted by all concerned. Although the beauty pageant girls (little more than toddlers, really) were truly grotesque!

Dark Testicle
The City of Lost Testicles
Testicle Quest
Photographing Testicles
Very Annie Testicle
A Testicle at the End of World

Tim said...

I know! I can't believe I spelt it wrong. I pride myself on my speiling!

I was thinking about seeing Little Miss Testicle - and based on your comment I might just do that! Damn - yesterday was Orange Wednesday!!

Around the Testicle in 80 days

(Ha ha! My word verification is sscab!)

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Mine was 'testicle'!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Just kidding.

Tim said...

That would've been amazing. It has to come up at some point, right!?

Nacho Testicle!

Dinah said...

Testicles of Fire
Adams Family Testicles
Me, Myself, and Testicles

Tim said...

Teen Testicles
Testicals came from outer space
The day the testicles stood still

Anonymous said...

Two and a half testicles