Monday, May 08, 2006

Whinge, whinge, moan, moan


I've got a serious crik in my neck having slept in an awkward position saturday night. And I know I slept in an awkward position because I woke up in such a bizarrely contorted pose sunday morning that I half expected to find a police officer drawing an outline around me.

Seriously, it shouldn't be possible for two arms, two legs, and a head to be arranged as mine were unless you've been slapped around a bit by an angry grizzly.

Ooo ... I hope I'm not dead.


Anyway, it's put paid to any plans I'd had for training for the run over the last couple of days (honestly!), and it's also put paid to any attempts I might've made at looking at the world around me; I have no idea what's going on to my left or right unless I twist my entire torso, which just looks silly. Now I know how Michael Keaton felt when he wore the Batsuit.

Still, it's slowly been getting better throughout today. And I've just consoled myself with a couple of M&S's BBQ biscuits, which are full of gooey marshmellows and chocolate.

So now I have a sore neck and chocolate all over my face.

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