Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gordon Brown is a monkey lover, apparently

Not THAT kind of monkey lover, pervert.

No, apparently the first thing that wild party animal we all know and love as Gordon Brown: Chancellor of the Exchequer listens to in the morning is... The Arctic Monkeys!


Now this just smacks of some spin doctor whispering in his ear before an interview.

"Tell them you listen to the Arctic Monkeys, that'll win the kids over."

"The who?"

"No, they're a bit too sixties. The Arctic Monkeys."

"Come again?"

I mean, really, there's more chances of winged monkeys flying out of my bum than Gordon Brown listening to anything remotely current.

To prove my point, I stole his iPod, and for anyone who cares, the selection of songs he's currently listening to include 'Money, money, money' by Abba, 'Money' by Pink Floyd, 'Money's too tight to mention' by Simply Red, and 'I want it all' by Queen.

Does anyone see a recurring theme there?

Personally, I think I'll pop over to iTunes and download some Stranglers hits. For some reason I just can't get the line "Gordon Brown, texture like scum" out of my head...

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Datingmonkey said...

Oi. Nice blog. Most of them are shit. This one's good.

Without being a twat, you'd probably like - I think you might have somethign in common innit. (Not my site, so I can tell you it's good).

With love

DM x