Thursday, May 25, 2006

Water is precious, OK?

I got a letter from Thames Water the other day telling me that there's a drought, and I should do my best to try to cut down on unnecessary water usage.

Now, I had a lot of time to think about this while I was relaxing in the bath after spending the afternoon washing not only my car, but those belonging to all the neighbour's as well, with a high-pressure hose. (Which is a pretty exhausting way to spend an afternoon, let me tell you)

So I'd just like to ask that you all take a moment to think about how you use water - let's all be a little more responsible in future, hmmm?

We can all do our bit to stop the water shortage - whether it be drinking your own wee or sacrificing your first-born to the rain gods, it's up to you! (Take your pick of rain gods here and here. I really don't think it matters which one you choose)

Now, I love a good sacrifice as much as the next man, so c'mon people! SAVE WATER!!

Just don't let all the rain we're having at the moment put you off, OK?


M said...

May I suggest to save even more water, you wee on your neighbour's cars and eat your own children?

Why sacrifice them to the rain Gods?
Ask yourself "What have they ever sacrificed for me?")

Tim said...

For some reason I read "wee on your neighbours cars" as "wee on your neighbours cats" and I thought 'what's that going to achieve?'

m said...

As a large part of my garden smells of cat's pee, pissing on then sounds like a fitting revenge... crapping on pigeons..

...and clamping wheel-clamping cowboys...

Tim said...

Clamp the pigeons, crap on the cowboys - but leave the cats alone!