Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sparks will fly!

Bloody hell! Anyone who's been with me since the start of this blog will know that I've got a little thing against Tesco.

Well tonight it got worse.

One of their trolleys tried to kill me.

By that, I don't mean that it magically came to life and chased me around the car park in a Benny Hill stylee; rather, while wheeling around the store it built up a static charge that, upon contact with the metal frame, almost killed me. It was biblical in its intensity, let me tell you.

"Clean-up to aisle three, a young man has experienced an involuntary bowel movement."

Well, not quite.

Anyway, after getting over the initial shock (geddit! Do you see what I did there?), I decided I could have some fun with this by vanquishing the various chavs, children, and disorientated old people who get in my way while I'm picking out some muller lights in the freezer aisles. So I skidded round a bit, and caused some mayhem. There were blue sparks flying everywhere.

Never before has this blog been more aptly titled.

Seriously, this is almost as revolutionary as the time I created the wheel. And fire.

Rock on!

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