Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ooo, new Apple Store

Wow! Checkout the new Apple Store in New York.

Looks cool, huh? I'm assuming there's a bit more to it than just a big glass cube in the middle of the street, because I'd be a bit miffed if I rocked up there to buy a new computer or an iPod just to find a big ol' empty glass cube.

No doubt David Blaine would love it though.

Get's me wondering though, are all the other Apple Stores across the world plagued by the same problem as the one in Regent Street? By that I mean, are they just full of exchange students, tourists, and pikeys hogging the latest uber-fast Intel Macs merely to check their hotmail?

That really annoys me. The last time I went in there for the sole purpose of checking my email I couldn't find a damned free computer.

So I bought another iPod instead.



Sara said...

I live basically across the street from the Apple Store in Amsterdam, and ever since my iPod was stolen in Belgium, I hear crazy voices coming from the store beckoning me to buy a new one.

I miss my iPod. :(

Tim said...

You live across the street from an Apple Store!? How great is that?

Mind you, if I lived across the street from an Apple Store I'd be bankrupt in an instant. Still, at least I could check my email...

I think you should buy a new iPod immediately! Listen to the voices...!