Monday, May 29, 2006

Sometimes you've just got to make your own fun

It's a bank holiday! Hooray!!

And how did I spend this wonderful day? Locked inside rooting through boxes that I'd not bothered to sort through since I moved.

Six months ago.

And do you know what I discovered? I've bought a lot of crap over the years.

(And I mean 'crap' as in 'stuff,' not actual crap, before anyone assumes I'm some sort of stool-storing weirdo)

On the plus side, though, I'd actually set aside a couple of days in which to do this herculean task, and I'm a bit chuffed to say that I got it sorted pretty darn quickly. So, as I'm off work this week, I now find myself with a bit more spare time than I thought I'd have.

Muwahahahahah... MUWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

To be honest I'll probably just fritter it away watching This Morning with Phillip and Fern, but it's alway nice to think that I might use it for something worthwhile like, oh, I don't know ... looking after orphaned baboons?

I'm also going to head up town to the Apple Store. I want to get a bluetooth thingy for my Mac, but it might be a dangerous move. Chances are I could come out of there with a Macbook, an iPod Nano, an iPod Hi-Fi and an empty bank account.

Aaaaanyway, I also discovered something else today. The floor in my house is so smooth, and the wheels on my office chair so ... er, round, that with one gentle push I can role from my desk into the kitchen. Granted, it's not a long distance, but it made me feel a bit like Dr. Evil, and that is, my friends, 'a good thing.'

It's like human curling without the furious scrubbers.

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