Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A trip to Londinium!

So I've pissed today away in London.

My reasons for going up town (or "up taaaaaahhhnnn" if you're an Eastenders stereotype) were two-fold. One, to pick up a bluetooth thingy for my iMac, and two, to meet up with my collaborator in unpublished comics, Graham (Or "Gay-ham" if you're the Greek temp we had in the office last year).

Now the first order of business had me a tad worried, because the Apple Store is a dangerous place. Within 10 seconds of crossing the threshold I was holding an iPod Nano in my greasy little paws and thinking "hmmm, both of my other iPods are getting a bit old and would probably break if I accidently threw them against a concrete wall..." A minute later I'd discovered the gorgeous new MacBooks, and having turned into Apple McNerdlinger, was clicking on the 'About this Mac' button to read up on its specs (none of which made much sense, but they certainly looked impressive).

Sweating profusely and shaking a tad, I decided it was probably best to get what I wanted and get out fast. Upstairs... AAARRRGHH - more Nanos, and, oh god, iPod Hi-Fis!!!! Run, run, run... Bluetooth thingy, got it phew! At the till I remarked to the cashier that a detour into the Apple Store could be risky. He laughed, then as he held out my bag, said:

"Hope to see you back here soon."

"Ha ha, I'm sure," I replied. Bastard, I thought as I ran down the stairs toward the door, only stopping to look once more at the MacBooks. Did I mention they're really nice?

The second order of business was fair more relaxing, as Gay-ham, sorry, Graham and I chilled out in Starbucks and discussed a new idea that probably won't get published. He also showed me some new artwork he's done for someone else, which kind of blew me away; he's very good, you see.

Anyway, after an hour, Graham had to go back to work (HA!) while I wandered off to almost get knocked down by a cyclist.

Oh, and I saw possibly the campest piece of movie merchandise I've ever seen in the window of the Cinema Store.

Look, it's Superman Returns Barbie and Ken tie-ins.

Is it me, or does Barbie look more manly than Ken? Oh well... I s'pose you could always swap the heads over.


M said...

If you swopped their heads about, would be end up with Karbie and Ben dolls?

Ohhh, the temptation!

If only Voodoo worked for real!

It wouldn't be too hard to guess who you'd be sticking the pins into...

Tim said...

I haven't a clue what you're on about...