Wednesday, May 31, 2006

La la la la looooost

Whoa! I just watched the latest episode of Lost on E4... which is just seven episodes in if you're American. Yep, we're a little behind the times in ol' Blighty.

I was beginning to lose faith in this series. It sort of began following a pattern of teasing, teasing, TEASING, slight revelation, off on a dull tangent. Quite frankly, I couldn't give a rat's ass about Jin or Sun or whatever she's called and her stupid wedding ring. Let's be honest, she survived a plane crash and should be grateful she's still got fingers.

Anyway, that Michelle Rodriguez is bloody hardcore, isn't she? All those drunk driving convictions in real life, and I lost count of the sheer number of people she killed in the episode I just watched. Hell, she probably caused the plane to crash in the first place!

And to top it all, she shot Shannon, the biggest waste of space on the island.


Michelle Rodriguez - I salute you, you crazy bitch.


skillz said...

She is definitely hardcore. I'd have no worries about her if she was plumped into a wrong place at the wrong time Steven Seagal-esque situation.

Judging by her ability to adapt to a tropical island, I think she'd have been able to slice and dice Predator whilst Arnie was smearing dog cack over himself.

The only question is... Is she harder than Vasquez from Aliens??

Tim said...

Harder than Vasquez... Ooo...

There's only one way to test that. In the immortal words of the great Harry Hill: