Thursday, May 04, 2006

Text addict

Anyone who knows me knows that I very rarely call. No, I text.

A lot.

Yes, my name is Tim, and I text like a teenage girl on speed.

So I expect you can sympathise with me when I tell you that the keypad on my trusty Nokia something-something-10 got a little knacked and started playing havoc with my text life. No longer could I call Yaz a bitch in everyday conversation; she quickly became a 'citag,' which is amusing but doesn't quite have the same punch to it.

Enough was enough. I got fed up with stuck keys archiving messages I wanted to send, and sending messages to people I didn't want to send them to. It was time for a new phone.

Hello Moto.

Yes, after seven years, I've jumped the good ship Nokia for a Motorola. It has a camera and everything (no doubt that means they'll be LOTS of inane photos springing up around here sooner rather than later). More importantly, I once again have the ability to text the word 'bitch.'

But that's not the best part of it: that, my friends, is that it is a flip-top phone.

I'll look like Captain Kirk when I open it.

I've been waiting for this moment since I was seven.


Ms Peel said...

“But that's not the best part of it: that, my friends, is that it is a flip-top phone…..”

One would think this a fairly standard comment Mr L, however it made me chuckle til the elastic gave way in my Bridget Jones! How long ago was it now that I listened to your rantings on mobile phones? Back then you had 2 criteria, the first being “no fliptops” as said style was too much a looky likey of a make-up compact for women. The 2nd as I seem to recall, was the invention of camera phones to which I specifically remember you saying in your rather insistent tone “phones should be phones and cameras should be cameras….”

Brilliant! I just have 3 things to say to you Mr L. Welcome to the 21st century, I am very glad to see you have embraced your feminine side and did you need any tips on applying your lippy?

Tim said...

First of all, that's when flip-top phones were tubby and looked like make-up compacts.

Secondly, that's when camera phones took photos the size of a full stop.

Only now have they caught up with my stylistic and technological requirements.

Thirdly, cripes, that's a long comment you left. I got a bit bored half way through and started thinking about Kristen Kreuk.

Anonymous said...

I thought it about time I leave you a full and lengthy comment seeing as you have been begging me for weeks to do so. Guess you haven't seen the latest slimline make-up compacts then? Try swapping from L'oreal to Clinique deary, because you are worth it.

Tim said...

Begging? Hardly Ms Peel! It was more of a dare bearing in mind you kept threatening to post something but never quite did it...

Still, glad to see that you mastered how to leave a comment with my technical support!

(and thanks - I AM worth it!!)

Sara said...

I have to say that I really enjoy your blog, but this one was tops.

Tim said...

Ha ha! Cheers, much appreciated!