Monday, May 22, 2006


I was out and about with my pal Jo on Saturday evening. When I say 'out and about' I actually mean 'sitting in the Haagan Das cafe in the Odeon cinema in Kingston getting an extreme sugar rush from an intense chocolate milkshake and watching trailers being projected onto the wall.'

Oh, and while I think about it:

Dear Jo,
I apologise for calling you 'me ol' pal' in a previous post, when, in fact, you are actually six months younger than me. It won't happen again, and was written purely for comedy value with no intention of causing offence. I understand, however, that girls can be very easily offended by comments relating to age, but don't worry, I reckon you've got a good year or so in front of you before you'll need to take any drastic action to ward off the passage of time.
Love ya!

Anyway, where was I...? Oh yeah - Jo and I started talking about the Star Trek episode 'Operation: Annihilate' as a clip had been shown on telly the night before. Now, Jo isn't a Star Trek fan, so she was on dangerous ground here because she knows that one mention of Trek and I can talk till the cows come home. Being a polite young chap, however, I reigned myself in on this occasion.

So Jo mentioned that this was the first - and possibly only - episode of Star Trek she'd seen. Hell! Same here!! (Although in contrast to Jo, I subsequently watched every other episode) The scene where that Denevan Neural Parasite flies off the ground and slaps Spock on the back was seared into my mind.

That said, I recall that it freaked the five year-old me out a little; I wouldn't eat pizza for years, fearing it would leap off the plate and savage me.

Got me thinking though... If I equated a Neural Parasite with a pizza, what other things on this planet we call Earth look alike?


Well, let's start with the obvious:

Mmmm! That looks freakin' appetising!

Now... what else ... Oh, yes:

Although, really, this comparison falls apart when you realise that the toilet brush actually serves a useful purpose.

Um... Riiiiight ... how about this to round off:

Now, seriously, I don't have a clue what's going on in the lefthand picture. But he looks happy, so it's probably best we leave him to it.


M said...

Maybe "Me, circa 2003" is having a 'Mini adventure' (?!?), while Pepé Le Pew could be role-playing Bele and Lokai from "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"

Tim said...

I really dread to think what's going on in the lefthand pic.

But seriously - they let kids watch that!!!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Shit! I know someone with hair like that now! Must un-know them...

Tim said...

You know Pepé Le Pew!? Can you get me his autograph?

i'm a huge fan of his work!