Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've seen the future ... and it's chocolatey

Let's make no bones about it: I'm a whore to Starbucks.

A few years back I had a week off work, and I trailed round about four million different Starbucks trying a different beverage in every store. That's how I discovered the Grande Misto, which has since become my coffee-based beverage of choice.

I have withdrawal symptoms if I don't have one at least once every 24 hours.

(If anyone ever needs to coerce me into doing something I don't want to do, a Grande Misto will always serve as suitable bribary. Yes, I'm a reasonably cheap whore, too)

Anyway, today I'd already had one Misto, so I decided that I'd try a different drink on my second visit to a Starbucks. Now... what to have... Oh, how about their new all-singing, all-dancing, most expensive beverage on the board Java Chip frappuccino!? That sounds exciting!

Exciting indeed - it's a combination of coffee (yes, good), chocolate (really? Marvellous!), cream (well it is a treat...), and chunks of cookie dough (Way-hay!). I'm guessing it's also not terribly light on calories, but what the hell...

While enjoying this monstrous coffee-beast, and trying to extricate lumps of cookie dough from my straw, I started thinking how this could be the first step to the science-fiction world of the future, where we all drive flying cars and there's not a damn thing Ken Livingston can do about it.

(I might also be married to Judy Jetson, but that's beside the point)

Whoa! How did we go from coffee to flying cars?! Let me explain. Remember how in sci-fi films and TV shows you see exciting foods of the future - the little coloured cubes you see Captain Kirk chow down on in Star Trek, for instance? Well, we're supposed to assume that those little cubes are a complete meal in one. And the Java Chip frappuccino fits that bill perfectly. It was delicious, without a doubt supplied me with enough energy to light up a small town, and included both drinky and foody elements.

I bet if you popped a Berocca in there you'd be set for the day.


Imogen said...

But I think food is so much more fun when you can see how much you're eating! I mean, the fabulous swanky new Starbucks Frappucino just wouldn't be the same if it came in a cold little cube, now would it?
Plus, colourful cubes of food would probably have limited comedy appeal, and it's just not the same when you can't guess the amount of calories/ E numbers in what your eating.

Tim said...

But the food cubes will be bright primary colours - and if that doesn't mean they're riddled with calories and E numbers I don't know what does!

Also, I reckon they'd be great for throwing at people then running away.

As you can tell, I'm already sold on the idea of geometrically-shaped food, and it'll take a concerted effort to convince me otherwise!

Don't be afraid of the future - embrace it!

kimberly said...

Holy hell, I need a Grande Misto! I've never heard of that before--I think I am going to march into my nearest Starbucks tomorrow and demand they give me one! Thanks for the new addiction! ;)

Tim said...

Never heard of a Grande Misto!? Good grief!!

Grande Mistos for all!

(I do hope you like it and your new addiction doesn't turn out to be a bit rubbish!)

Miss T said...

I've always hoped those cubes would be like Willie Wonka's chewing gum - and entire meal in itself. They must be quite nutritional, as you don't often see portly Star Trek regulars...

Tim said...

Food cubes are definitely the way forward.

And because of their helpful shape, think how easily you could stack them on your plate! Never again would humanity be troubled by the balancing troubles of a buffet!

Anonymous said...
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