Sunday, January 21, 2007

A-Z of life (but not as we know it)

I was thinking I'd not posted for a while, due mainly to lack of inspiration, then Inexplicable Device tags me and suddenly I've got something to write about!

So, here you are - it's all about me!

A - available/single? Available - for weddings, christenings, and bar mitzvahs. Call me!

B - best friend? Too many to choose from, and I could never pick just one. They each have their different uses, you see - a bit like the Justice League.

C - Cookie, fave cookie? Starbucks chocolate chunk. Awesome, and reasonably priced too! Other than that, some sort of oaty thing.

D - drink of choice? Depends on the time of day! Earl Grey first thing, Starbucks' coffee at lunchtime... Loving Sainsburys' cranberry and raspberry juice too.

E - essential item you use everyday? Um, my car, my computer... clothes? Ooo-ooo-ooo - my iPod - must have music!!

F - favourite colour? Red, mostly. But I like black, too. Not in a goth way, though. I just like it for its versatility.

G - gummi bears or worms? I hate all gelatinous sweets. Basically, if I wanted something of that consistancy I'd eat my bogeys. They're free!

H - hometown? Bedfont in Middlesex. It's right by the airport don't ya know! oh, hang on - I don't live there anymore. Does that count?

I - indulgence? Books. I luuuuurve books. Must have books.

J - January or February? Um, February, probably? It's short. January just seems like the tail end of Christmas... the looming finality of having to go back to work...

K - kids & their names? Well, I don't have any, and I'm not going to name imaginary ones just for the hell of it.

L - life is incomplete without? Friends, family, good times. And Xbox 360. Star Trek...

M - marriage date? I'm not married, and I'm sure any potential date would need to be discussed with the imaginary future Mrs Sparky before I named it. I would also take the same opportunity to ask the fictional missus about our fictional children's names too!

N - number of siblings? Uno - Simon!

O - orange or apple? Terry's Chocolate Orange.

P - phobias/fears? Strangely, flying. Not in a Superman fashion, I should add, but in a plane-way.

Q - favourite quote? Something from Star Trek. Probably THIS. I also like Shatner's "FIRE!" from the end of Star Trek VI.

R - reason to smile? It gives your face something to do.

S - season? Season Four of Star Trek: Enterprise was awesome, and then they went and axed it anywa- Oh. Um... Used to be a winter person, no veering towards summer. Autumn and spring just make me confused about what I should be wearing...

T - tag 4 to 5 People? IDV did 'em all! How's about Skillz...? Tara? Anyone, in fact!

U - unknown fact about me? I don't know... I yabber on so much I don't think there's anything left to say...

V - vegetable you don't like? Pretty much all of them. Except the potato. I likes potatoes!

W - worst habit? Biting the inside of my mouth. Alot.

X - X-ray you've had? Ooo - I had this huge barium scan when I was about 10 'cos they thought one of my kidneys had shut down. They injected me with some sort of radiation, and I had to lie still for about 30 minutes. I thought I'd turn into the Incredible Hulk after. Strangely, never ... got the ... results ... EEK! KIDNEY ... SHUTTING ... DOWN ... GAK!

Y - your favourite food? Um... My Mum cooks the best chips EVAH.

Z - zodiac sign? Sc-sc-sc-scorpio!

That's all folks!


Tara said...

I've done this A-to-Z survey before, but I might do it again with different answers.

January does seem like the longest month ever, doesn't it? I have to wait a week and a half for my next paycheck. Ugh!

Dinah said...

mmm...I'm totally getting sidetracked by people's favourite cookies. They are so delicious!

That's scary about the Kidneys, though.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Heh! I wish I'd thought of Terry's Chocolate Orange.

Right. Better get to work where I can spend all morning compiling a Justice League of Friends, each with their own unique ability.

Dora said...

Glad you stated that you liked black but not in a goth way....I hope not in an emo way either!!!

I'm surprised you didn't turn into the hulk....are you really, really sure????

Tim said...

Tara - Yeah, make it all up! Or do it in the style of a celebrity...!

I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that January is the worst month ever. But at least it's almost over!!

Dinah - I know. It's cookie-tastic, huh? The kidney thing was a bit worrying for a few years, but 19 years after the event I've come to the conclusion that it's either probably still working, or I don't need it.

Inexplicable Device - I'm constantly thinking of Terry's Chocolate Oranges, though probably not as much as Dawn French...

We could form a Justice League of bloggers too!

Dora - Whoa! You jumped in their just as I was about to reply!

No, definitely not in an emo ewo way either - I can't wear skinny, and I don't wear mascara (even if it will 'bring out my eyes').

No Hulk-like tendencies so far, but you never know, they might kick in one day. If someone makes me REALLY angry...

T-Bird said...

Tee hee! You were born in Middlesex???

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Bah! I got to work and actually had to do some! What a monstrous injustice!

The Justice League of Bloggers will have to wait...

skillz said...

Chocolate Orange sounds so repulsive, but it's the ebst thing ever.

Unlike the strawberry ones you get in Quality Street which sound nice but taste like puke-after-eating-puke.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

I think pukatronic has just become my favourite word! Thanks, Skillz.

Tim said...

T-Bird - Yep, you heard it here first! I was born in Middlesex!

Inexplicable Device - I hate it when you get to work and actually have to do some work. It shouldn't be allowed, dag-nammit!

Skillz - I used to love those strawberry Quality Street, then went right off them. They taste like shampoo.

Pukatronic sounds like a club dj... New banging tunes remixed by Pukatronic!