Friday, January 12, 2007

Panic attack

Earlier this week, on the recommendation of Marsha from Xfm who rated it her second best album of 2006*, I finally relented and picked up a copy of the Panic! At the Disco album A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.

Oh. My. God.

Why the hell have I hesitated for so long? What an amazing album! I can only guess that the reason I hesitated for so long was that I feared they were either:

a) a one-hit wonder; I Write Sins Not Tragedies is an amazing song, and surely they couldn't match that across an entire album, right?
b) an emo-fied version of Maroon 5.

How wrong I could be - it's a balls to the wall machiavellian pop-rock opera! There's a richness to their sound that I love; layered, orchestral, vaudevillian... I love it! Emo or not, Panic! At the Disco just joined Sufjan Stevens on the list of people I definitely want to catch live at some point.

And the best thing about it? It was in the HMV sale AND I had a bit of cash left on a HMV gift card - I got it for £3.95.



Something for the weekend...?

An advert on the radio tells me that the IKEA sale MUST end Sunday, so Jo and I have decided to go along on Saturday night to check out some last-minute bargains (IKEA on a Saturday night is definitely the new hang-out place for all us hip young things). Hell, knowing what their prices are like without a sale I'll probably be able to empty the place with just a fiver.

Amyway, japes will ensue - mainly because Jo and I always forget the route on the way there and end up miles away! Throw your hands in the air and shout "Hurrah!"

*Marsha writes an awesome weekly mailout listing, among other things, new gigs and album recommendations that she posts on her myspace page - if you're not on myspace though, email her your address HERE and she'll add ya and you'll get it via email! Do it!!


Dinah said...

Whoo! Awesome score on the CD.

Also: is this going to be the return of the LACK? Or LACK II: The LACK strikes BACK?

Tim said...

Dinah - Awesome indeed!

GASP! I'd not even considered the LACK! It could indeed by the LACK strikes back!! I mean, they're £7.99 at the best of times - what effect will the sale have on them!?

T-Bird said...

You need to get a lack and then post your adventures getting it home and assembling it.

The lack will be everything you hoped for!!!

:( Our Ikea is not having a sale... why must the Norse Gods neglect their faithful in the Southern Hemisphere?

Dora said...


I just posted something on here....or so I thought. Blogger the second coming and I are having some issues in this critical "getting to know you" stage. Bah. I'm over it. The funny has gone.

Damn you blogger!!!!!

skillz said...

I sent in a mash-up I made to Eddie TM, but he didn't reply.


Tim said...

T-Bird - of the LACK is any cheaper than it already is I'm so going to get one! Who the hell know's where I'll put it, but I'll get one nevertheless!

And don't fret about the sale, I expect the Nordic Gods will bless you with one eventually (i.e. when they've shipped over the crap us Brits won't buy by Sunday!)

Dora - Damn the new blogger 1000 times!


Skillz - Really? That's just rude!

Ryan said...

Oh, I already caught them live. In New Jersey. And it was fan-fucking-tastic. So go!

Tim said...

I think they did four shows in London at the end of last year, so I doubt we'll get 'em back over for a while... Bah!

Mark my words though, Ryan - I will see them! And I expect nothing less than fan-fucking-tastic!