Sunday, January 28, 2007

A tale of two willies

Having bought some Josh Pyke tickets recently, I've slipped into the old 'need to go to some gigs' mood. I'm even thinking about picking up some Fall Out Boy tickets for their show at the Hammersmith Apollo in April (having missed the chance to get tickets for their Hammersmith Palais show on Monday, and for Sean Lennon at the Bush Hall); I don't really know why, as I only really like their new single - but hey-ho. The other day, however, something piqued my interest in the seetickets mail-out. And I instantly picked up my phone.

'Willy Mason is playing the Shepherds Bush Empire in May - shall we go?' I texted Yaz.

'Willy Mason?! Tell me about him later!' She replied.

Now I know Yaz knows who Willy Mason is, because I remember talking about how much we both liked his song 'So Long' a couple of years back. So I reminded her of that, but it just made her head hurt. So I reminded her again, this time texting how the song goes: da daa, da daaaa, da da da da daaa da daaaaa, da da, da da da da, da daa daaaa da daaaaa.

But still nothing.

So upon meeting up for coffee I tried to rattle her brain again.

"Willy Nelson?" She asked.

No, not Willy Nelson. Though truth be told, I'd actually quite like to see the old stoner play sometime.

Yaz still had that puzzled look on her face.

"Oh, do you mean-"

"No, I don't mean Perry Mason either."

"Oh. That's a shame, because an evening of that theme tune might be quite nice."

I frowned at her.

And then the neurons fired up.

"You don't mean that guy with the album called 'Where the Humans Eat,' do you?"

"Yes. Him."

"Oh. I like him!"

So, end of story - I'll be buying some Willy Nelson, I mean Perry Mason - DAMN - WILLY MASON tickets when they go on sale!


T-Bird said...

Is this another artiste I am going to look up and fall in love with, AKA Mr Stevens?

Josh Pyke was in Syyyydneeeey on Friday. I missed him by half an hour :(

T-Bird said...

Oh, and fiiiiiiiiirrrrrst!

Tim said...

Willy Mason? Oh god yeah! Check out his myspace - I think it's ... I can't believe he's not toured the UK before. I think you'll like his stuff... it's very rockabilly!!

You missed Josh? How do you know!? Are you stalking him!?!?

Dinah said...

I quite like Perry Mason.

Da da daaaaa de DA! De da daaaaaa de DAAA! de Da da da da da da da da da da da DA!

That's his theme song.

Tim said...

Oh Dinah, you know it too well!

I always quite liked Ironside too, even though it was just Perry Mason sitting down.

Dora said...

T-Bird is stalking Josh Pyke. I'm all for it.

Willy Mason, eh? We have a footballer called Willy Mason over here and he is a cockface. So now I'm thinking about him singing and it's all just making me want to cry.

I shall investigate the REAL Willy Mason.....

T-Bird said...

Was our Willy Mason the guy who stuck his finger in another player's bottom in a scrum?

Noooo, it was Australia day and he was playing down at the opera house. By the time we got there Alex Lloyd (blech) was on.

Da na na na na, eh? I thought that represented rather as more of an Odd Couple theme.

Tim said...

Dora - I suspected as much! He might get a restraining order out on her!

I definitely think it's a different Willy Mason, particularly after T-bird's comment...

T-Bird - That's not what you expect in a scrum!