Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Exactly who is having more fun...?

I went for a run with Sweatband last night - a short one, mind, because I'd done one the previous night, and I'm still easing myself back into this thing called exercise after that thing called extreme illness. Oh, and Sweatband had done 13 miles on Sunday because she's training for the marathon and because she's a complete nutter (she's even suggested that I should do the 13 mile course with her sometime - er, yeeeeeeaaaah...!).

So anyway, I get round to her place, and Jude the dude was sitting there looking pretty damned miserable. I know cats don't have the most expressive faces in the animal kingdom, but goddamn he looked pissed off. And he ignored me, which is:

a) Unheard of.


b) Rude, just rude!

Anyway, off we jog, and when we get back Jude's clearly had a little bit of time to think about his behaviour because he was all sweetness and light then; rubbing around me, wanting to be stroked, etc.

And then Sweatband introduced me to the new toys she recently bought Jude. First up was a new scratching post because he'd decimated the old one; this new version is furry, and coordinates awesomely with Sweatband's sofa. Then there was the stringy thingy, which is basically a bit of string with a couple of feathers on the end. Now, I know from experience that cats love stringy thingies. Case in point: Little Kitty who lives a couple of doors up from Sparky Ma and Pa likes nothing more than to chase string around the garden.

So Sweatband hands me the stringy thingy while she makes a cuppa, and I'm dangling it in front of Jude and I'm laughing and he's laughing (inside, I'm sure). But after a couple of minutes I'm still giggling like a special and Jude's just looking at me and half-heartedly batting the feathers on the end of the stringy thing with his paw. And as time stretches on he apparently gets more bored by the second; oh, and he starts frowning at me in that way that only cats can - that patented feline withering stare.

Did I get the message? Did I hell. I just kept dangling it in front of his little cynical face.

And that's when he grabbed the stringy thing, yanked it, attacked it on the floor, ripped the feathers off the end, and then walked off, flashing a disdainful look in my direction.

I, of course, just stood there holding the remnents of the stringy thing, and feeling a bit stupid.

"Tea's ready," said Sweatband.

"Just as well," I replied. "I think Jude's a bit pissed off again. God knows why…"


Dinah said...

I loved playing with my grandmother's cat and his stringy feathers.

That, though, is just rude!

Tara said...

Lol..Good post. I know that bored look cats have. My cat has snubbed me more than once. Sometimes she doesn't even come out from her napping spot to greet me when I come home for lunch. Remind me again who feeds her? Hm.

When Jude destroyed that feather thing it was like he was saying "Give me that! I don't want to play anymore, it's MY TOY!" ;)

missy&chrissy said...

we feel your joy/pain...we've definitely had more fun with our cat's cat toys than she ever has.

T-Bird said...

I love the cat looks they give you. My favourite is the eyes half closed 'dis be the best pat ever' face.

Tim said...

Dinah - It was JUST RUDE - he ruined my fun!!

Tara - They're funny little buggers, aren't they? And yet when THEY want to play they're all over you! I don't suppose we'd have them any other way, though, huh?

Missy and Chrissy - Cat toys are great! And they're so reasonably priced too! Sweatband was telling me the stringy thingy only cost 99p!

T-Bird - Oh yeah! And don't forget the slow glance to one side; it's like they're living out a film noir fantasy!