Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I think I've drunk too much coffee today. And I'm not talking about that crappy decaf instant stuff, I'm talking the quality s**t, know what I'm saying?

And I'm blaming all the baristas in Secret Starbucks. Which I'm seriously thinking about renaming Sexy Starbucks because there's at least a handful of lovely lady baristas in there that I'd gladly marry in an instant. Let's face it, they've already ground my beans on several occasions.

Anyway, yes, too much coffee. Why am I blaming them? Well, in addition to my regular lunchtime grande misto, they gave me a free bag of house blend, thus forcing me to go back to the office and brew up a cafetiere full. I pretty much drank the entire thing on my own, leading to a lack of concentration, and severe coffee jitters. If you could see me now you probably wouldn't be able to focus on me because I'm vibrating so much. I'm like Tweek in South Park (And you wouldn't believe the amount of typos I've put in this post, and had to go back to correct. On the plus side I've written it in about half the time it usually takes...).


I've been Xboxing online quite a bit recently, and had an amazing evening of quality intermaweb Star Trek Legacy battles on Sunday. The dude I was playing against actually mailed me through Xbox Live to say that I was "really good" which is possibly the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time. It certainly makes up for that bitter little arseface who rated me 100% unsporting because I clipped his car when he swerved infront of me in Project Gotham Racing.

So anyway, I got that mail through and it melted my stony, stony heart for an instant. But the captain of a starship can't allow himself to show too much emotion, so I turned my ship around and blew the crap out of him again.

It's true - in space no one can hear you scream (unless you're wearing your Xbox headset).


Excitement a-go-go: following T-Bird and Dora's advice last year to checkout Josh Pyke's tunes, I've only gone and gotten tickets for his London show at the tiny tiny Borderline!

Now, I'm sure it'll be a great evening - in fact, it bloomin' well better be: I even friended him on Myspace...


Awesome big-ups to Dinah for finding the M&M character generation thingy. Here's my artistic rendering.

Notice how I've tried to make it as authentic as possible, from my super-powerful robot arms right down to the triceratops and phone box that just shout 'Londinium.' Keeping it real, people, keeping it real...


Tara said...

Maybe the arseface who gave you a bad rating is the same one who praised you. He finally realized that he's no match for you and has bowed down to your Xboxing skills.

T-Bird said...

That's right. He's the Borg or the Joker and needs to be annihilated!

Josh Pyke!! Yay! He does a really great show, and he's super nice! Seriously, if it is a smallish venue and he gets to wander out to the bar, he'll probably sign a CD for you at the end!

And you just tell me if you think he looks a little like Rushmore in person...

tee hee! I made my M&M character last night. I'll have to post her sometime today!

Tim said...

Tara - Ooo... Now there's a theory! Well, if that is the case, what goes around, comes around - with a well-placed photon torpedo!!

T-Bird - I'm really looking forward to Josh Pyke, mainly because I haven't been to a gig since early November. I think it's a super small venue (I've not been there before, so it'll be an adventure!), and if he does wander around, Yaz being Yaz will probably end up chatting to him like they've been mates *forever*!

Dinah said...

Hee! I was hoping someone would use the robot arms. Did you just kill the bear, or is that there to show your softer side?

Tim said...

Kill the bear? Dinah, I only use my robot arms for good. The bear does indeed show my softer, emotional side.

I might have robot arms, but I'm still human!