Sunday, December 31, 2006

Quick - to the future!

So we're within spitting distance of 2007, and what does that mean? Well, it means that the future is almost here.

And the future, according to Back to the Future Part II, tells us that we're just a few years away from flying cars, self-drying, talking clothes, and hooverboards. Hurrah!

To be honest, though, I was kind of expecting that all to happen when we moved from 1999 into 2000; I seriously thought that everyone was all of a sudden going to be wearing silver foil clothing and booking holidays to the moon. As you might imagine I was a tad disappointed when that didn't happen.

So, preparing myself for any further disappointment I've popped the Bacofoil back in the kithcen drawer, and I've been thinking about some more realistic expectations for the year ahead...

First of all, after a discussion with my mate Jo last week, we've decided that we're going to try to do some more things that just "reduce us to belly-laughs." I don't know what that means exactly, but we're going to keep our eyes open for belly-laugh potential.

Next up, inspired by Dinah who signed up to the November novel-writing event back in, um, November, I'm going to throw myself back into my writing. I really loved the idea of writing a novel in November, but what with that being the month of my birthday it was sort of inconvenient. So, I've decided to dedicate February to the novella I started writing earlier this year. Everyone hates Feb, so I thought it would be a good time to do it. I'm initially going for quantity over quality, with the idea being that I can go back over it later to edit and re-write. They'll be more about this in February, I expect.

And finally (at least for the mo'), I think after nearly eight years I'm going to ditch my gym membership and take up running full time. Sweatband has gotten into the London Marathon in 2007, and hinted that she might need a training partner. So if I can get marathon-fit without actually having to do the marathon, I can't see how I can lose.

So there you have it... my initial hopes for the year ahead. Won't it be amusing if this time next year I'm writing about my time as a fat, miserable, failed novelist? Oh, how we'll laugh!


Anyways, to everyone who's stopped by my humble ickle blog over the course of 2006, thank you so much for reading my drivel and taking the time to leave witty and insightful comments. You're all great.

Have a happy, healthy, and safe New Year - I'll see you on THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!!


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Happy New Year!

Actually, I couldn't wait for 2007 to arrive naturally, so I inter-phased there not half an hour ago. Don't get your hopes up for hoverboards and the like, though. I had to come back to ensure that I finished writing my 2006 review, as I had a quick look at my blog and saw it was done - didn't want to cause a paradox by not actually posting it!

See you there!

P.S. First of the Lasts!

Tim said...

Ooo, damn those paradoxes!

So 2007 is more of the same, huh? Oh well... Can't all be bad though!!!

Happy New Year IDV!

Dinah said...

Happy New Year! I think you're already into, or not, quite yet. If I didn't already have a bandload of resolutions, one would be to commit time differences to memory.

I am so totally enthused for your writing month! Did you purposefully choose the shortest one, just to show procrastinators like me how it's done?

I'm going to be posting a wrap-up of my year/look ahead, but maybe not until your ball has already dropped (so to speak). So happy new year!

Tim said...

Almost two hours into 2007 Dinah! Aren't I, like, five hours ahead of you? I know LA is eight hours behind, and you're not in LA... Or are you?

I chose Feb because I always moan that it's a dull month, and it's short, and it gives me January to kick back and chillout and mentally prepare myself for the task ahead. I'll be doing some prep work during lunchtimes as I planned a portion of the novel earlier in the year, so I'll at least have something of a roadmap!

And happy new year to you too - I don't think we have any balls dropping over here, but we do tape some crappy fireworks to the London Eye which should look awe-inspiring (and by awe-inspiring I mean awful!).

Dinah said...

Yeah, it is five hours...which means you're safely in the new year, and I have 52 minutes to go (give or take whatever time this is set at).

Mental preparation is really good. I can vouch for that.

2007 first!

skillz said...

Happy 2007!

Do we get any hints as to what the novel will be about?

Tim said...

Dinah - As I write this you've joined us in the future! So land your flying car and party hard!!!

Skillz - You can ask!



Oh, you were serious? Oh, OK. Well, without giving tooooooooo much away, it's set in a small midwest town in the states, and explores the break-up of a friendship against the backdrop of a hunt for a missing girl.

Although me being me I could whack a few invading aliens and zombies in there to lighten things up a bit!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

How about invading possessed zombie aliens?

Tim said...

That old chestnut? It needs a fresh spin... Perhaps they're fish or something?!